Benefits For Brooklyn

When we scheduled our parties in London and Berlin, we would’ve never thought that it would be in the wake of the worst storm to ever hit our city. It feels strange to leave Brooklyn at such a time, but we’ve realized that though we’re not there in body, there’s still something we can do.

All of the door proceeds from this weekend’s parties at Plastic People and Loftus Hall will go to The Red Hook Initiative, a grassroots organization based in Red Hook, one of Brooklyn’s hardest hit neighborhoods. Typically The Red Hook Initiative focuses on empowering local young people to take charge of their lives and their community. Since the storm hit, they have become the epicenter of relief efforts, distributing food, water, batteries, flashlights and other essentials to local residents, many of whom were already living in poverty before the storm hit.

The prices are £7 in advance, £8 before 11pm, or £10 after in London and €5 in advance, €8 at the door in Berlin. If you can give more, please do. If you can’t come to the party but want to donate to this great organization, this is where you can do it:

Finally, this party is a benefit, but it will still be majorly fun. Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter will be DJing all night. That means you’re gonna have a very good time. That’s how we do it in Brooklyn!

You can invite people on Facebook here:

London – 
Berlin –

And you can buy tickets to both parties here:

Plastic People & Optimo

We’re taking the Mister to the UK this week. For those in London town, here’s our message in advance of the party at Plastic People on Friday:

This is Mister Saturday Night. We’re a party from New York City. Brooklyn to be precise. Twice a month we roll our soundsystem out of storage, take it to a secret loft, hang a disco ball, invite some friends and get down until the sun comes up. Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, the Mister’s residents, often play all night. Occasionally a guest will play alongside them. No matter who’s playing, though, it’s about as no-nonsense a good time as you can have.

Until now, Mister Saturday Night has always happened in New York City. It’s the only place we’ve ever felt fully at home (it being our home and all). But last year, when Eamon and Justin were invited to play with Floating Points at Plastic People, we fell in love.

The reason why we host our party in Brooklyn lofts is because there’s no New York City club that really does it right. When we stepped into Plastic People, though, we found lovely people at the door, the bar and behind the scenes; cosy corners for chatting and a perfect dancefloor; and a pristine sound system. Check, check and check.

So now, we are elated to say that we’ll be hosting the first ever Mister Saturday Night outside of Brooklyn at Plastic People on Friday, January 27. (Yes, you heard that right. Mister Saturday Night will be on a Friday Night.) Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter will be playing vinyl all night long, and Plastic’s got all the other bits and pieces covered. Except one. That’s you.

We’re hoping you’ll come and make it complete.


Mister Saturday Night

Mister Saturday Night
On A Friday Night in London Town

with Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin All Night

at Plastic People / 10p – 4a / 147-149 Curtain Road, London, EC2 / Friday, January 27 / £7 before 11pm / £10 otherwise / advanced tickets here

And then on Sunday the 29th, we’re at Sub Club all night long, playing for our Optimo friends. It’s gonna be a good weekend.

Looking Back on 2011: Justin Carter

The year has ended, and my existence as a DJ requires me to supply my Top Ten list. This is it in no particular order.

The Blues – I took a trip through the south this year. In Mississippi, I stopped in Clarksdale (where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil, an occasion now marked by a sad, easy-to-miss sculpture and a Church’s Chicken), and I joined the generation of middle-aged white men before me in getting into the blues.

Lucky for me, that generation has started to sell their records, and I came upon a store where someone had just dumped their entire collection, allowing me to grow my fairly paltry stock of blues records back at home into something more substantial. I’ve particularly fallen in love with Son House, whose “Grinnin’ In Your Face” I posted on the blog in October.

Gospel and Diva House – The first parties that I ever went to in New York were Body and Soul and Shelter. I also grew up in church mesmerized by a gospel singer named Eunice Mayfield. That means, of course, that I am into gospel and diva house, which I have been more than pleased to see in resurgence over the past year, starting with Omar S’s set with us back in January. It was pretty much all he played.

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On The Road Again

Eamon and Justin are hitting the road this week, along the way playing Plastic People with Floating Points and Hung Up at Sub Club for Optimo. If you’re in Berlin, London or Glasgow, stop in and say hello.