Benefits For Brooklyn

When we scheduled our parties in London and Berlin, we would’ve never thought that it would be in the wake of the worst storm to ever hit our city. It feels strange to leave Brooklyn at such a time, but we’ve realized that though we’re not there in body, there’s still something we can do.

All of the door proceeds from this weekend’s parties at Plastic People and Loftus Hall will go to The Red Hook Initiative, a grassroots organization based in Red Hook, one of Brooklyn’s hardest hit neighborhoods. Typically The Red Hook Initiative focuses on empowering local young people to take charge of their lives and their community. Since the storm hit, they have become the epicenter of relief efforts, distributing food, water, batteries, flashlights and other essentials to local residents, many of whom were already living in poverty before the storm hit.

The prices are £7 in advance, £8 before 11pm, or £10 after in London and €5 in advance, €8 at the door in Berlin. If you can give more, please do. If you can’t come to the party but want to donate to this great organization, this is where you can do it:

Finally, this party is a benefit, but it will still be majorly fun. Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter will be DJing all night. That means you’re gonna have a very good time. That’s how we do it in Brooklyn!

You can invite people on Facebook here:

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