Double Dip

Well, well well – we’ve got our third double-header of the Summer this weekend. First off…

We love Floating Points. It’s no secret at all. Rarely a party passes when his music doesn’t come out of the Mister’s speakers. Given all that love, it’s surprising that we haven’t hosted Mister Shepherd at the party in a couple years.

Last time he played was back in the days of Market Hotel, a loft on Myrtle Avenue we used to call home. The night was so good that a song was born:

This time around we’ll be at House of Yes, where the ceiling is high and the bathrooms are a little nicer.

Justin and Eamon will be playing, of course, and beer will be on the house for the first hour of the party. RSVP to to get in for $15 before midnight, or get yourself and a friend some advanced tickets.

Aaaaaand in case you don’t get your fill on Saturday (or in case you’re more of an outdoorsy type), like clockwork, we’ll be kicking off Sunday at 3pm and going ’til 9pm. That one’s twelve bucks, or $10 before 5pm if you RSVP. Hear some cool music, eat some hot tacos and appreciate the power of fresh air and Vitamin D after a long night of dancing. We’re right there with you. 

re:ECM & Retromania

I’m a huge fan of Simon Reynolds‘ writing on music and popular culture. Rip It Up and Start Again and Energy Flash are definitive accounts of the emergence and development of the post punk and rave scenes. Each book does a superb job of highlighting the socioeconomic backdrop for these exciting new musical forms in turn helping the reader understand and appreciate the music for what it was really all about. So it was with a dash of despondency that I came to the end of his most recent book Retromania. The disappointment didn’t come from the quality of the writing, which was as brilliant as always, nor the quality of the argument, which was considered and on point, but rather the conclusion which the book leaves you with. That message in a nut shell is that modern music has run its course, and that in the last 15-20 years, with the arguable exception of dubstep, we’ve done little but recycle old music forms in an endless youtube– and reissue-fueled  stranglehold of the past.

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Looking Back on 2011: Justin Carter

The year has ended, and my existence as a DJ requires me to supply my Top Ten list. This is it in no particular order.

The Blues – I took a trip through the south this year. In Mississippi, I stopped in Clarksdale (where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil, an occasion now marked by a sad, easy-to-miss sculpture and a Church’s Chicken), and I joined the generation of middle-aged white men before me in getting into the blues.

Lucky for me, that generation has started to sell their records, and I came upon a store where someone had just dumped their entire collection, allowing me to grow my fairly paltry stock of blues records back at home into something more substantial. I’ve particularly fallen in love with Son House, whose “Grinnin’ In Your Face” I posted on the blog in October.

Gospel and Diva House – The first parties that I ever went to in New York were Body and Soul and Shelter. I also grew up in church mesmerized by a gospel singer named Eunice Mayfield. That means, of course, that I am into gospel and diva house, which I have been more than pleased to see in resurgence over the past year, starting with Omar S’s set with us back in January. It was pretty much all he played.

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An Ode To The Mister

Back in February of 2009 we brought Floating Points (aka Sam Shepherd) to the US for the first time to the Mister to play at Market Hotel on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn. An immediate friendship was struck, and since then, not only have his records been in constant rotation at the parties, but he invited us to over to play  in London at Plastic People. (Plans are afoot for his return to play the party later this year.) Sam has just recently released a stunning new double 12″,  The Shadows EP, on his own Eglo imprint. The opening track is simply stunning… and it’s called ‘Myrtle Ave’.

On The Road Again

Eamon and Justin are hitting the road this week, along the way playing Plastic People with Floating Points and Hung Up at Sub Club for Optimo. If you’re in Berlin, London or Glasgow, stop in and say hello.