There were a lot of great moments that went down on Sunday–Kendra Borowski dumping a pitcher of water over her own head, Eamon standing on a planter behind the DJ booth shooting a strobe light onto the crowd, Traxx (who was in town from Chicago) screaming his face off for what must have been five minutes in front of the DJ booth when Twitch dropped a Jeff Mills track, and Justin doing his own screaming through a giant (dirty) traffic cone.

But the most epic moment of all was probably when, as Optimo dropped their namesake track by Liquid Liquid, Sal P (the Liquids’ frontman) happened to be dancing right next to the DJ booth. Of course we handed him the mic. Jason Rule, a gent who’s joined us at the vast majority of all Sunday Bests ever, caught it on camera.

From The Scene of the Crime

JG Wilkes. He and Twitch killed it yesterday.

photos by Justin

New Opportunities

Optimo play alongside Eamon & Justin this weekend at Sunday Best not long after our latest loft party at 12-Turn-13 with Theo Parrish the night before. We've told you all about it already so we won't repeat ourselves. Instead here's a few words we shared with Keith McIvor aka JD Twitch earlier last week. Continue reading “New Opportunities”

Theo, Jonnie, Keith, Justin & Eamon

This week is a big one for us. After a month-long hiatus, we return to our natural environment this Saturday—a nice comfortable loft in Brooklyn, with Eamon & Justin getting behind the decks together for the first time in almost two months. Continue reading “Theo, Jonnie, Keith, Justin & Eamon”