There were a lot of great moments that went down on Sunday–Kendra Borowski dumping a pitcher of water over her own head, Eamon standing on a planter behind the DJ booth shooting a strobe light onto the crowd, Traxx (who was in town from Chicago) screaming his face off for what must have been five minutes in front of the DJ booth when Twitch dropped a Jeff Mills track, and Justin doing his own screaming through a giant (dirty) traffic cone.

But the most epic moment of all was probably when, as Optimo dropped their namesake track by Liquid Liquid, Sal P (the Liquids’ frontman) happened to be dancing right next to the DJ booth. Of course we handed him the mic. Jason Rule, a gent who’s joined us at the vast majority of all Sunday Bests ever, caught it on camera.

Traxx Live Recording

Traxx played with us back in January and it was another epic night. You can download the recording of his full set from here. Listen out for the whoops and hollers of the crowd picked up on the recording through the needles on the turntables!

It’s a wonderful set in the tradition of the original Chicago DJs–raw, technically perfect, challenging and thoroughly musical throughout. We’ve been enjoying it privately for a few weeks and now here it is for you.

Traxx Tackles Some Big Questions

Before anything else, let’s just take a moment to say, “WOW.” This past Saturday night was just insane. To paint a little picture, we opened the window behind the DJ booth at 7:45am, and there was a subway worker dancing on the tracks of the JMZ. We hope you enjoyed yourself. And if you didn’t make it down, well, you’ve got another opportunity to come out this Saturday.

Our guest will be Traxx, a Chicago music maker and record player, whose recent LP, Faith, has gotten a good bit of well deserved attention, and whose DJ sets are said to be inspired. We had the opportunity to toss him some questions in the lead-up to the party, which we were very excited to do: He’s a man with a lot to say, as you’ll see below.

We’re looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Grab your advance tickets here, or RSVP to to get in for $10 before midnight. Now on with the show. Continue reading “Traxx Tackles Some Big Questions”