Power Up, Power Down

So we had some power issues on Sunday. We think it was all the new lights we’re using to keep the Grove illuminated as the sun goes down earlier. Or it could’ve been the four-mixer setup we had in the booth. Anyway, we think we’ve got it fixed for this week, but here’s a video of a spontaneous drum circle erupting when the lights went off last Sunday. Then Martin Luther King, Jr. Then Bob Marley. It was all good fun in the end.

video by Marshall McDonald

Brooklyn Steppers at Mister 100

What a weekend. For the grand finale of our 100th party, we had Brooklyn Steppers, a super talented group of youngsters from our favorite borough in the world. They were amazing! Our friend Whitney Landa captured this quick video on her phone. Thanks for sending it over, Whitney.

The Mister Movie

To help celebrate our 99th and 100th parties we asked our good friend Marshall McDonald to make a video portrait of the Mister. From the people who work behind the scenes to the folks on the dancefloor, we think Mister McDonald has done a perfect job of capturing the experience.

We hope you enjoy this celebration of the Mister to date and that you’ll join us for many more great Mister Saturday Nights and Mister Sundays to come.

Eamon & Justin

From Brooklyn, Love France

Freelance French filmmaker Mélanie Even recently shared with us via Facebook an excerpt from a short film she made during her trip to New York. We just love the cool early party vibe she captured. (In case you wanna know, the track is Kill Me by Steffi feat. Elif Bicer.)

Mr. And Ms. Saturday Night: November 19th

Last weekend, at approximately two in the morning outside House of Yes, we interviewed Felix and Benedict. They drove all the way down from the lovely city of Montreal to party with us!

MSN: What part of Montreal are you from?
Benedict: We’re from the really pretty place of Montreal which is called Plateau…
Felix: Well I’m from the Village, which is kind of downtown.
MSN: What brings you here?
Felix: Mister Saturday Night! Actually we came here just for that. I went to the Caribou show way way back. It was a great show.
MSN: How long have you been living in New York?
Felix: For like, two days?
Benedict: We don’t live in New York!
MSN: So you’re just visiting?
Felix: Yes, just for the weekend! We came here FOR Mister Saturday Night!
MSN: Oh wow! That’s really cool. So where are you staying?
Felix: In a hostel. But we have a friend that lives in Bushwick.
MSN: How did you get down here?
Felix: We drove. I didn’t take too long, about six hours.
MSN: So Benedict, this is your first time at a Mister Saturday Night party?
Benedict: Yeah. It’s really nice. I love the Brooklyn Lager. It tastes like heaven! I love beer. My favorite is Pabst [sarcastically]. Last time I tried Pabst I puked on myself. And I had a pale grey V-neck on, and it was all over me, and I was on the dancefloor, alone. This was in a bar called Phoenix Club on Saint Laurent. I wanted to kill myself! But I went back home on my bike, took a shower, changed clothes, and went back to the bar.
MSN: You’re a trooper.
Benedict: I’m a warrior, actually! If you guys need some tips about beer, you can contact me.
Felix: But bottom line, we love Mister Saturday Night. Music is great, crowd is nice…
Benedict:…people are nice, and good looking, even though we can’t see their faces because it’s too dark!

Sorry Benedict! We’ll try to point some light at your pretty faces next time. As the graffiti so poignantly states – “This is how we walk on the moon.”