Other Nights of the Week: Nitzer Ebb and Montage

It’s party time again for us this weekend, but before and after we get to throwing down, we’ll be running around checking a few things out. Post-industrialists Nitzer Ebb play the questionable, oft-rebranded Gramercy Theatre on Tuesday, but clearly the venue’s not why we’re going to see the show. On Wednesday, our buddy Sal P throws a benefit to keep open the doors of the rehearsal space that Liquid Liquid shares with a bunch of other bands on the Lower East Side.

On Thursday, we’re going to Film Forum to check Bruce Conner’s film montages set to symphonies. Friday, Sunday and Monday we’ll be doing the Bowery Presents tour with post-shoegazers Bear In Heaven at the Music Hall on Friday, Spanish dance-masters Delorean and the ramshackle Stumblebum Brass band at Mercury on Monday.

We all know what we’re doing on Saturday…
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There were a lot of great moments that went down on Sunday–Kendra Borowski dumping a pitcher of water over her own head, Eamon standing on a planter behind the DJ booth shooting a strobe light onto the crowd, Traxx (who was in town from Chicago) screaming his face off for what must have been five minutes in front of the DJ booth when Twitch dropped a Jeff Mills track, and Justin doing his own screaming through a giant (dirty) traffic cone.

But the most epic moment of all was probably when, as Optimo dropped their namesake track by Liquid Liquid, Sal P (the Liquids’ frontman) happened to be dancing right next to the DJ booth. Of course we handed him the mic. Jason Rule, a gent who’s joined us at the vast majority of all Sunday Bests ever, caught it on camera.