I Need Some

There’s been a rash of Theo Parrish releases of late. For the past couple of weeks, our Juno email notifications have been blasting his name out to us every few days. But the one that’s really got our attention is Ugly Edit 11. For years now, Theo’s been playing his own, customized, twisted up version of a Jackey Beavers track called Mr. Bump Man. He swore to anyone who asked that he would never ever release it, but what do you know… here it is. Buy it immediately. It will probably be gone by the end of the day.

Theo, Jonnie, Keith, Justin & Eamon

This week is a big one for us. After a month-long hiatus, we return to our natural environment this Saturday—a nice comfortable loft in Brooklyn, with Eamon & Justin getting behind the decks together for the first time in almost two months. Continue reading “Theo, Jonnie, Keith, Justin & Eamon”

Other Nights of the Week: The First Edition

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re adding some bells and whistles to the Mister Saturday Night blog. One of those bells (or whistles?) is a selection of the musical happenings we’re hitting up this week.

So welcome to our first edition–let us know what you think in the comments. And check back throughout the week for photos, sounds and interviews from out and about. We’ll see you there. Continue reading “Other Nights of the Week: The First Edition”

Getting Excited

Just a little bit more than a week, and we’re headed back to 12-Turn-13 for our first loft party in almost a month. Here’s a little taste of what’s to come from our guest via a four-hour Theo Parrish mix. Unsurprisingly, the mix is being hosted by Bozman, whose site seems to be a compendium for every single Parrish mix ever leaked.