Floating Points

Eamon’s Top Five Tracks of the Year

One the most talented break through artists of 2010, Kassem Mosse aka Gunnar Wendel, gets the remix treatment from a master and Mister Saturday Night favorite: Omar S. Powerful stuff.
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Record Shopping in Berlin Today

With a Womack and Womack track fresh in memory from the Twitter feed of Floating Points (who so generously hosted me at his apartment in London earlier this week), I saw the Family Spirit album in the bins on the street in front of a record shop in Berlin today, and I immediately took it over to the record player in the store to give it a spin. I couldn’t take the needle off of ‘My Dear (The Letter)’ until it had faded it out. What a song. The video above is weird, and I think it’s a different version than the one on the LP, but it’ll give you the idea. Expect to hear this at the end of a Mister Saturday Night loft party soon.

A Label We Love: Truth Is Light

Back in February, when Floating Points came to play with us, he played this magical edit of Danny Hunt’s What’s Happening To Our Love Affair – sending us right over to the booth to find out what it was. Ever since, we’ve been wearing it out ourselves and falling in love with the everything else on the label, Truth Is Light.

Run by Jason Lev, a serious record collector based in Vancouver, BC, Truth Is Light digs up rare R&B and disco that is always surprising and always exactly what we want to hear. The label’s website is simple but useful: You can hear all their releases, order them directly from Lev, and you can download or stream a few great mixes – like this one. Check it!

Snow Day Questions For Floating Points

Baby, it’s cold outside. But that hasn’t cut off our internet connection yet, and we were very happy to see that we had some answers to interview questions from Mister Saturday Night’s weekend guest, Sam Shepherd aka Floating Points, in our inbox this morning. The young producer and DJ is packing his records and bags for his first ever trip to New York right now.

Keep warm, enjoy the interview, and cross your fingers that the blizzard will clear out in time for a safe and timely entry into our fair city (but still leave enough for a nice white blanket and some sledding). . . . Read on

President Mister Saturday Lover

It’s President’s Day weekend. It’s Valentine’s Day weekend. There’s twice the love in the air than a typical long weekend, and we’re doing everything we can to get in the spirit. We’ve got an open bar with Presidente and Champagne to start off the upcoming Mister Saturday Night, and the music is going to be ludicrously good. Justin and Eamon are dropping some gems they picked up over the last few weekends they spent out of town (check the twitter feed for some New Orleans pictures).

The special guest for this weekend is Floating Points. He is astounding, a twenty-three-year-old neuroscientist by day, and by night a producer of some of the most brilliant, musical, evocative tracks we’ve heard in years. If you have come to a Mister Saturday Night party, or heard Eamon and Justin play anywhere in the past year, chances are that you’ve heard his music (and probably loved it). He’s a bridge between dubstep, house and jazz; and everyone from our moms to the most hardened, devout house or techno or disco purists agree. He’s magic.

Unfortunately Azari & III will not be performing because of a passport issue with their vocalist, but fear not, we’re already talking to them about another time… And this weekend’s going to be good no matter what.

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