Looking Back On 2013: Eamon Harkin

‘Never Grow Old’ from Floorplan’s Paradise LP on M-Plant
In many ways this track epitomizes the musical character I try to bring to our parties – at once deep, dark and soulful. This is Robert Hood at his best, sampling Aretha Franklin under a high energy techno pulse. In the hands of any other producer it would sound pastiche.

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The Last Mister Sunday at Gowanus Grove
I wrote about the summer Mister Sunday season this time last year, so I didn’t really want to cover old ground; but when I look back on 2013, the final party we did at Gowanus Grove sticks out significantly. In fact it was so special, I have no doubt I’ll cherish the memory to my dying days.

Justin and I always pack records that we feel are worthy of the last moment of the party, but we never plan which one we’ll play or, for that matter, who will play it. I’d packed quite a few records I thought would work before I left for an out-of-town wedding the Friday before the party. Rok One, my old DJ partner at Studio B, was DJing the wedding, and at the end of the night he played ‘All My Friends’ by LCD Soundsystem. When I came home to Brooklyn the next morning, I grabbed the record before heading to the Grove. If you were there on the day, you know what happened. Continue reading “Looking Back On 2013: Eamon Harkin”


In our opinion Resident Advisor has raised the game over the past few years when it comes to providing intelligent, interesting & insightful views on dance and electronic music culture. There’s too may sites and magazines out there which perpetuate the dumbed down, commercialized, hedonistic cliche of club culture to the detriment of the positive yet often overlooked aspects of fostering community and the creation of culturally relevant and exciting music. It’s for these reasons that we’re happy to add a little weight behind their RA X event happening in NY on August 20th to celebrate 10 years in the game. We’re playing in Philly that night, so we won’t be there, but if we were in town, this is where we would be. They have a great line up including one of our favorite artists Peven Everett.

Happy Birthday, RA. Here’s to another 10 strong years! Full details of the event can be found here.

Shakes On

Today sees the release of a second Throne of Blood EP from Eamon’s production project with studio partner Steve Raney.

Harkin & Raney‘s ‘Shakes On’ EP explores a version of deep and broody house which has caught the ears and gained the support of The Revenge, Mark E, Neville Watson, Soul Clap, Spencer Parker, Hunee and Craig Richards. They’ve also pulled in a top drawer remix from JG Wilkes of Optimo under his Naum Gabo guise.

Review’s from Resident Advisor, xlr8r and Little White Earbuds can be found here and here and here respectively.

Workin’ & Steamin’

Shakes On

Shakes On (Naum Gabo Remix)

The Perfect Party: Resident Advisor Talks To Us

A few months ago, I got an email from Lee Smith, a writer for Resident Advisor, asking me about the ins and outs of throwing parties. The resulting article is up on RA now. It’s a good read, and you should definitely check it out. I thought it’d be interesting to post all the questions and answers that we exchanged as a supplement to the article. The Q&A is below the jump.
Continue reading “The Perfect Party: Resident Advisor Talks To Us”