In our opinion Resident Advisor has raised the game over the past few years when it comes to providing intelligent, interesting & insightful views on dance and electronic music culture. There’s too may sites and magazines out there which perpetuate the dumbed down, commercialized, hedonistic cliche of club culture to the detriment of the positive yet often overlooked aspects of fostering community and the creation of culturally relevant and exciting music. It’s for these reasons that we’re happy to add a little weight behind their RA X event happening in NY on August 20th to celebrate 10 years in the game. We’re playing in Philly that night, so we won’t be there, but if we were in town, this is where we would be. They have a great line up including one of our favorite artists Peven Everett.

Happy Birthday, RA. Here’s to another 10 strong years! Full details of the event can be found here.