Mr. And Ms. Saturday Night: January 21st

Jameson and Christian
This past Saturday we met Jameson (“like the whiskey”) and Christian (the guy on the right) over at 12-turn-13. While Justin, Eamon and Danilo were taking turns dropping bombs, we caught these guys outside taking a break from the action.

MSN: Is this your first time at a MSN party?
Christian: The fourth time. Last time was here, the other times before that was one of these alleys in Brooklyn, and somebody took me there. I don’t remember where.
MSN: Anything particularly interesting happen at these past parties?
Christian:  The music got me pretty high!
MSN:  Where are you from originally?
Christian:  I was born in NY, Manhattan; but I grew up in Argentina.
MSN:  What are you’re interests, jobs, etc?
Christian: I surf, and fragrance.
MSN: How do you mean fragrance?
Christian:  I study perfume! It’s not that common.
MSN:  Wow, how interesting! So you learn the chemistry of creating perfume?
Christian:  I’m not a chemist, but yeah, there is some chemistry involved.
MSN: And what about you, Jameson? What’s up?
Jameson: This is my first time here. I’m a student, I live in NY, but I’m from Houston, Texas.
MSN: Oh, nice! Never been there.
Jameson: Get your ass down there, you’re welcome. Eat some Mexican food, have a good time.
MSN:  You know what’s funny? There’s a Houston Street in Manhattan…
Jameson:  …and everybody calls it “Houston Street” [as in the pronunciation of Houston, Texas].
MSN: Well, that’s the debate!
Jameson:  Well, here’s the thing. When I get lost in the LES – and I’ve been here for 4 years, so I got it down pat – I just pull up next to a cab and say [in a thick Southern accent] “Hey, do you know which way down Houston street I can get to Katz Deli?” It’s the only time that accent is acceptable.
MSN: So what do you do, do you like music?
Jameson: Yeah, I study the Internet, pretty much. I like music. I heard about this place through the Internet, word of mouth, and I wanted to come down here and see what’s up. I’m havin’ a good time dude, sweet party!
MSN: Did you come with anybody?
Jameson:  Nope, just here for the music.
MSN: Well, that’s awesome.

Mr. And Ms. Saturday Night: November 19th

Last weekend, at approximately two in the morning outside House of Yes, we interviewed Felix and Benedict. They drove all the way down from the lovely city of Montreal to party with us!

MSN: What part of Montreal are you from?
Benedict: We’re from the really pretty place of Montreal which is called Plateau…
Felix: Well I’m from the Village, which is kind of downtown.
MSN: What brings you here?
Felix: Mister Saturday Night! Actually we came here just for that. I went to the Caribou show way way back. It was a great show.
MSN: How long have you been living in New York?
Felix: For like, two days?
Benedict: We don’t live in New York!
MSN: So you’re just visiting?
Felix: Yes, just for the weekend! We came here FOR Mister Saturday Night!
MSN: Oh wow! That’s really cool. So where are you staying?
Felix: In a hostel. But we have a friend that lives in Bushwick.
MSN: How did you get down here?
Felix: We drove. I didn’t take too long, about six hours.
MSN: So Benedict, this is your first time at a Mister Saturday Night party?
Benedict: Yeah. It’s really nice. I love the Brooklyn Lager. It tastes like heaven! I love beer. My favorite is Pabst [sarcastically]. Last time I tried Pabst I puked on myself. And I had a pale grey V-neck on, and it was all over me, and I was on the dancefloor, alone. This was in a bar called Phoenix Club on Saint Laurent. I wanted to kill myself! But I went back home on my bike, took a shower, changed clothes, and went back to the bar.
MSN: You’re a trooper.
Benedict: I’m a warrior, actually! If you guys need some tips about beer, you can contact me.
Felix: But bottom line, we love Mister Saturday Night. Music is great, crowd is nice…
Benedict:…people are nice, and good looking, even though we can’t see their faces because it’s too dark!

Sorry Benedict! We’ll try to point some light at your pretty faces next time. As the graffiti so poignantly states – “This is how we walk on the moon.”

Mr. and Ms. Saturday Night: November 5th

At November 5th’s party at House Of Yes, the Mister once again went on the prowl to find Mr. and Ms. Saturday Night, a pair of folks hanging out and getting down. Without further ado, let us introduce to you… Carolyn and Kurt. Say hello to them at the next party. They are lovely people.

MSN: Where are you from, Kurt?
Kurt: I’m from Long Island, Floral Park. I was born in Coney Island, and then I moved out to Long Island. I think of how different I would be if I was raised in Coney Island.
MSN: How so?

Kurt: I probably wouldn’t be as open as I am now. I would probably be more thugged out, and totally hide… this [gestures to himself].
MSN: How do you know about these parties?

Kurt: I like to dance. I like to go out and dance. I’ve been doing this for a minute.
MSN: Have you been to other Mister Saturday Night parties?
Kurt: Yeah, pretty much since last year, but I’ve been in this scene forever. I’ve been going to Danger parties, Winkle and Balktick parties… and when I found out about them and went to them, I thought, “This is the shit!”
MSN: What do you like about Mister Saturday Night parties?
Kurt: Openness, freedom...
MSN: And where are you from, Carolyn?
Carolyn: I’m from Colorado. It’s the coolest state. I was born in Albany actually, and then I moved to Colorado. People who are from New York really have an air about them; it’s like a confidence, that you can just handle…I think it’s just being brought up in this environment, that you’re equipped to handle so much.
Kurt: True. I just wish that I was better able to understand what I possess. Sometimes I get really self-conscious of all this shit, when I shouldn’t! But you know, I just do.
Carolyn: Self-consciousness is such a weird thing, because every human being is so…when you really think about it, a human being is amazing…so beautiful! Like snowflakes, you know what I mean?
MSN: You’re right! Who’s anybody to judge anybody? So Carolyn, how did you find out about these parties?
Carolyn: Through my friend, Jesse, who’s a DJ, and my roomate. They heard about them and started going to them. They’re super fun. Actually, I think my roomate went to one, it was like a gay party…
MSN: The one they did with Spank? New York, Just Like I Pictured It?
Carolyn: Yeah! It was [that] party! And he had a blast.
MSN: What are your interests, passions, jobs?
Kurt: I’m studying to be a massage therapist.
Carolyn: I make my day job as a nanny – which I love, I love the kids. But I do theater here [at House of Yes]. I work for three families – one family I nanny for about twenty hours a week, the other family just three hours a week, and then one family I clean for. So I’m also a maid…
MSN: And where are these families?
Carolyn: All in Williamsburg. Which is the place to be if you’re a young family.
MSN: How old are the children?
Carolyn: Theo, who I’ve been with for about a year, is 16 months. And I witnessed his first steps. Ugh. It was incredible.

photo by Marshall McDonald

Mr. and Ms. Saturday Night

Last Saturday night at House of Yes, we interviewed a couple of randomly picked partygoers, just to find out a little bit about them. We would like to introduce you to Pilar (left) and Staber (right). If you see them at the next party, say hello!

MSN:  What brought you here tonight?
Pilar: My best friend took me here! He said there’s a very nice party in Brooklyn, so I came.
MSN: What do you like about the party?
Pilar: The music is very good, and the space is very nice.
MSN: What are your interests, what do you do?
Pilar: I’m a researcher.
MSN: What kind of research?
Pilar: Biomedical. Maybe I’m not the typical person at this party! I just came to New York two weeks ago. I’m from Spain. My flat mates are very nice people. They said, “You have to go out tonight. Everybody’s very crazy and it’s cool.”
MSN: And when are you from, Staber?
Staber: Bangladesh.
MSN: How long have you been in New York?
Staber: A fair amount of time, two years.
MSN: How did you find out about this party?
Staber: I’ve been to House of Yes before, and I’ve been to Mister Sundays.
MSN: What do you like about these parties?
Staber: The people!
MSN: How did you find out about Mister Sunday?
Staber: I have absolutely no idea.
MSN: What do you do?
Staber: I run a hedge fund.

Thanks again to Pilar and Staber for their time… some more pics from the night are down below. See you at the next one!
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