Mr. And Ms. Saturday Night: January 21st

Jameson and Christian
This past Saturday we met Jameson (“like the whiskey”) and Christian (the guy on the right) over at 12-turn-13. While Justin, Eamon and Danilo were taking turns dropping bombs, we caught these guys outside taking a break from the action.

MSN: Is this your first time at a MSN party?
Christian: The fourth time. Last time was here, the other times before that was one of these alleys in Brooklyn, and somebody took me there. I don’t remember where.
MSN: Anything particularly interesting happen at these past parties?
Christian:  The music got me pretty high!
MSN:  Where are you from originally?
Christian:  I was born in NY, Manhattan; but I grew up in Argentina.
MSN:  What are you’re interests, jobs, etc?
Christian: I surf, and fragrance.
MSN: How do you mean fragrance?
Christian:  I study perfume! It’s not that common.
MSN:  Wow, how interesting! So you learn the chemistry of creating perfume?
Christian:  I’m not a chemist, but yeah, there is some chemistry involved.
MSN: And what about you, Jameson? What’s up?
Jameson: This is my first time here. I’m a student, I live in NY, but I’m from Houston, Texas.
MSN: Oh, nice! Never been there.
Jameson: Get your ass down there, you’re welcome. Eat some Mexican food, have a good time.
MSN:  You know what’s funny? There’s a Houston Street in Manhattan…
Jameson:  …and everybody calls it “Houston Street” [as in the pronunciation of Houston, Texas].
MSN: Well, that’s the debate!
Jameson:  Well, here’s the thing. When I get lost in the LES – and I’ve been here for 4 years, so I got it down pat – I just pull up next to a cab and say [in a thick Southern accent] “Hey, do you know which way down Houston street I can get to Katz Deli?” It’s the only time that accent is acceptable.
MSN: So what do you do, do you like music?
Jameson: Yeah, I study the Internet, pretty much. I like music. I heard about this place through the Internet, word of mouth, and I wanted to come down here and see what’s up. I’m havin’ a good time dude, sweet party!
MSN: Did you come with anybody?
Jameson:  Nope, just here for the music.
MSN: Well, that’s awesome.