Mr. Mister Sunday: July 1st

Enter Mario. This incredible gentleman has been flying solo to our parties for years now, embarking on the nearly two hour drive from Monroe, NY simply to enjoy the party. It was our honor to finally sit down with Mario and find out a bit more about this sweet man, whose quiet dedication has meant so, so much to us. Give him a firm handshake and a big smile if you see him at another party.

MSN: So how did you hear about Mister Sunday?
Mario: About three years ago, I was listening to Tim Sweeney’s radio show Beats In Space [on 89.1 WNYU radio] – I still listen to him – and they were giving away tickets to a Mister Sunday party. So I called up, I won the ticket, and I showed up, and I said “Wow, this is awesome!” It’s like being at a friend’s barbeque on a Sunday afternoon, but there’s like 300 people! It’s unbelievable; it’s really nice.
MSN: And ever since then you started coming to more Sunday parties, and then to the Saturday night parties?
Mario: Yeah, then I started coming to that, uh, 172 Classon location?
MSN: Yep, 12-turn-13.
Mario: Right, OK. So I was going up the stairs over there, and Justin was coming down, and he goes, “Excuse me, I’ve seen you a couple of times at our parties.” And I said, “Yeah, you’re the DJ! My name’s Mario.” So we started talking, and he told me it was nice to see me, and he didn’t believe how old I was! I was 59 back then, now I’m 62.
MSN: Wow! Well, age is just a number.
Mario: Yeah, it’s all a mental state. So I’ve been coming ever since. Justin once in a while puts me on the guest list, which is great.
MSN: So you listened to Beats In Space, but were you into any other parties, shows or radio programs at the time?
Mario: Actually, it happened by accident about four years ago. I was working a shift in between routes where there was nobody on the job. So I used to sit in my car, and I was thumbing through the stations, and I heard Beats In Space, and I thought “Whoa, that’s some really great music.” So that’s how I got introduced to it. And I also listened to Miss Eleanor’s show Bentwave, on Monday nights, 10:30 pm to 1 am. She gives out a lot of tickets also, so I go to a lot of her parties. On Friday nights I listen to Mike McGill and Tackleberry –
MSN: Oh, those guys are great! A Downtown Affair?
Mario: Man, they’re awesome! So I started hanging out at their parties. They play some really awesome music – and they have great guests, like Justin and Eamon.
MSN: So did you grow up in NY?
Mario: Yeah, up in the Bronx.
MSN: Did you ever go to any parties back in the day?
Mario: Oh yeah, well, back in the day, in my teenage years, I was into Latin and rock & roll.  I used to go to the Bitter End Café down in the village, the Fillmore East – the Garden used to have great parties.
MSN: What kind of artists did you like to see?
Mario: Oh, The Grateful Dead, James Taylor, The Allman Brothers Band. And I was into Latin music, too, like Tito Puente, Ray Barretto, [Johnny] Pacheco, Santana, War. I like music in general. Once in a while I’ll listen to South American Andes music, which is all flute music, which is awesome. I’ll also listen to classical music. Once in a while I’ll get into this classical thing, and I listen to Bach or Chopin, people like that. I just like music.
MSN: That’s great. Any parting words for the reading audience? [at this point, “New Jersey Deep” by Black Science Orchestra comes in the mix]
Mario: Long Live Music, man! [laughs] That’s it, you know? Without music, I don’t think there could be communication. Look at all the different peoples you have here, which is the great thing about this. I’ll tell you a quick one.
MSN: Yeah, go ahead.
Mario: I was at my nephew’s daughter’s Baptism. I was in the bathroom, and I heard this strange music coming from one of the other rooms. So I stood outside, and they were playing Turkish music – they were Turks, having a wedding, and the music was AWESOME. So I’m standing there, grooving to the music, and this old man comes outside, taps me on the shoulder, and says “Come in, come in!” And he dragged me in, man! So I met his daughter, his son – I’m like, holy smokes. Music is a language unto itself. If you can understand music, you can understand people. And that’s about it.   

photo by Natalie Keyssar

Mr. And Ms. Sunday: June 10th

It’s always nice to celebrate Sundays with old friends. Last week we were pleased to see long-time supporter and all around wonderful lady Myra Romano. We caught her and her friend Matt Leutwyler while they were sharing a huarache. Earlier in the day, Myra had complained of pain around her torso, and opted to give dancing a break. Well, turns out that the pain she felt was a symptom of pneumonia! Thankfully all is well and she is on a proper regimen of meds. Myra is so incredibly diehard.

MSN: Sorry for interrupting your meal. So whats your story, Matt?
Matt:  Well, I am friends with Myra and I enjoy going to parties with her. I am into producing house music and dance music, like new disco and stuff. I find that I’m lucky to live in such an area where house music is really accessible. It’s definitely not a common thing in this country, let alone the world.
MSN: Have you been to any other major cities in the US?
Matt: Well, I was in Chicago for a little while, and although it’s widely considered the birthplace of House music there is not as vibrant a scene as there should be. They might have two or three big outdoor events during the summer with house music but that’s it.
MSN: That’s a shame! Myra, what do you think?
Myra: Well, I agree – and I’d have to say that I think New York is top notch for parties. I’m from Peekskill, NY originally, and I followed an ex-boyfriend to Wisconsin about seven years ago. There is definitely a lot of ravers in that state and the surrounding area. I would end up driving to Chicago for parties but like Matt said, there wasn’t anything like New York.
MSN: Any parties you’ve been to recently that you’ve enjoyed?
Myra: I just came back from the MUTEK festival in Montreal.  It was absolutely amazing.  And Montreal is probably the only other city I’ve been to where I can really see myself living.

Well, we hope you stay in New York for a while! Get better, Myra. There’s a party this Sunday, you know.


Mr. And Ms. Saturday Night: April 14th

We caught this nice pair stretching out and getting down in a more spacious area of the House Of Yes two Saturdays ago. Meet Avi and Miss Vanilla, equally dressed to impress in their own clothing lines!

MSN: What brought you here?
Avi: Actually, my friend, Vanilla, she invited me. I was going to her house tonight and she was was like, “Yo, you wanna go to a house party?”  and I said, “Why not!”
MSN: So you’ve never been to one of these parties before?
Avi: I’ve been to house music parties before but not this particular one.
MSN: Any one or two that you remember particularly?
Avi: Name-wise, no! It’s always been random for me.
MSN: What do you like about the parties you go to, or what do you like about house music?
Avi: The beat, and the groove! It just continues on and on and on. Like, “house music all night long.” It’s literally that!
MSN: Do you listen to dance music at home?
Avi: Yes, I definitely do.
MSN: Do you download mixes, or just listen to whatever you find?
Avi: Mostly whatever I find, because I find that music is so deep, and there’s so many artists out there, that it’s so hard to keep up, you know what I mean? So I just try to download whatever I find here and there.
MSN: What are your interests, passions?
Avi: I just graduated, I’m a graphic designer. I have a little clothing brand, it’s called Contemporary Negro. But that name might change in the future though.
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Mr. And Ms. Saturday Night: March 17th

This past Saturday, we had a live band join us for the first time in Mister history. And thanks to the great talents of Brooklyn trio Archie Pelago, it was a smashing success. We got to talking with our new friend, Bika, who gave us her thoughts on the relationship between electronic and acoustic music. Her friend and coworker Matt joined in the conversation, and her Polish friend Nika (who arrived to New York just one week ago) snapped the shot.

MSN: Is this your first time at a Mister party?
Matt: It was a couple of months ago… and I came with Bika once, but we couldn’t get in because it was too packed!
Bika: This is my first time at a Mister Saturday Night. Last summer I went to a Mister Sunday party outside, at this place with a bridge by the water…
MSN: The Gowanus Canal.
Bika: Exactly! Yeah, I loved it. It was so nice.
MSN: Yeah, it’s beautiful over there.
Bika: Well, not exactly beautiful, but…
MSN: Well, just don’t swim in the water!
Bika: Haha! Exactly. I always wanted to go to the regular party at night but never managed to until now.
MSN: Where are you guys from?
Matt: From all over, but I live in Bushwick.
Bika: I’m originally from Slovenia, but I grew up in Vienna. I live in Soho now. My friend Nika and I lived in Austria for a long time. I also lived in London for a little while, and London has almost the same problem as New York – it has a very weak electronic scene. It has that contradiction of the best DJs or the best “acts” come from London and New York, but in the city itself, it doesn’t have a proper base or scene. Let’s say you’re in Vienna or something, and are sitting around bored, and you hear that a DJ from New York is coming, it seems like a big thing. But when you come here, it’s not a big deal. Like, where is everybody? It seems that there only a very few parties that are appreciated properly.
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Mr. And Ms. Saturday Night: February 11th

If you were partying with us at 12-turn-13 this past Saturday, we don’t need to tell you how brutally cold it was, especially on that roof. Well, despite the fact that their coats were still in coat check, and that their clothing was especially light, Mister Henry Andrew and Miss Devon were resilient and patient enough to spend a few chilly minutes with us on the roof. Thanks guys for freezing your butts off, so that we could take a minute to get to know you.

MSN: Where are you guys from?
Devon: I live in Brooklyn now, but I’m from Jacksonville, Florida.
Henry Andrew: I’m originally from San Diego. I’ve lived in NJ, and right now I’m in the Upper West Side.
MSN: And what do you do?
Henry Andrew: We dance!
Devon: I do graphic design mostly.
Henry Andrew: OH! You mean what we do, like, for our lives. I thought you meant here! I DANCE! We make other people dance, and they don’t like it! No no no – she graphic designs, and I’m a massage therapist.
MSN: Oh wow! You’re the second massage therapist that we’ve interviewed at these parties.
Henry Andrew: Well, find me the first and I bet I’ll know them!
Devon: Massage therapist – like “touchin’.”
Henry Andrew: Touchin’ people.

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