Mr. And Ms. Sunday: June 10th

It’s always nice to celebrate Sundays with old friends. Last week we were pleased to see long-time supporter and all around wonderful lady Myra Romano. We caught her and her friend Matt Leutwyler while they were sharing a huarache. Earlier in the day, Myra had complained of pain around her torso, and opted to give dancing a break. Well, turns out that the pain she felt was a symptom of pneumonia! Thankfully all is well and she is on a proper regimen of meds. Myra is so incredibly diehard.

MSN: Sorry for interrupting your meal. So whats your story, Matt?
Matt:  Well, I am friends with Myra and I enjoy going to parties with her. I am into producing house music and dance music, like new disco and stuff. I find that I’m lucky to live in such an area where house music is really accessible. It’s definitely not a common thing in this country, let alone the world.
MSN: Have you been to any other major cities in the US?
Matt: Well, I was in Chicago for a little while, and although it’s widely considered the birthplace of House music there is not as vibrant a scene as there should be. They might have two or three big outdoor events during the summer with house music but that’s it.
MSN: That’s a shame! Myra, what do you think?
Myra: Well, I agree – and I’d have to say that I think New York is top notch for parties. I’m from Peekskill, NY originally, and I followed an ex-boyfriend to Wisconsin about seven years ago. There is definitely a lot of ravers in that state and the surrounding area. I would end up driving to Chicago for parties but like Matt said, there wasn’t anything like New York.
MSN: Any parties you’ve been to recently that you’ve enjoyed?
Myra: I just came back from the MUTEK festival in Montreal.  It was absolutely amazing.  And Montreal is probably the only other city I’ve been to where I can really see myself living.

Well, we hope you stay in New York for a while! Get better, Myra. There’s a party this Sunday, you know.


Mr. And Ms. Saturday Night: November 19th

Last weekend, at approximately two in the morning outside House of Yes, we interviewed Felix and Benedict. They drove all the way down from the lovely city of Montreal to party with us!

MSN: What part of Montreal are you from?
Benedict: We’re from the really pretty place of Montreal which is called Plateau…
Felix: Well I’m from the Village, which is kind of downtown.
MSN: What brings you here?
Felix: Mister Saturday Night! Actually we came here just for that. I went to the Caribou show way way back. It was a great show.
MSN: How long have you been living in New York?
Felix: For like, two days?
Benedict: We don’t live in New York!
MSN: So you’re just visiting?
Felix: Yes, just for the weekend! We came here FOR Mister Saturday Night!
MSN: Oh wow! That’s really cool. So where are you staying?
Felix: In a hostel. But we have a friend that lives in Bushwick.
MSN: How did you get down here?
Felix: We drove. I didn’t take too long, about six hours.
MSN: So Benedict, this is your first time at a Mister Saturday Night party?
Benedict: Yeah. It’s really nice. I love the Brooklyn Lager. It tastes like heaven! I love beer. My favorite is Pabst [sarcastically]. Last time I tried Pabst I puked on myself. And I had a pale grey V-neck on, and it was all over me, and I was on the dancefloor, alone. This was in a bar called Phoenix Club on Saint Laurent. I wanted to kill myself! But I went back home on my bike, took a shower, changed clothes, and went back to the bar.
MSN: You’re a trooper.
Benedict: I’m a warrior, actually! If you guys need some tips about beer, you can contact me.
Felix: But bottom line, we love Mister Saturday Night. Music is great, crowd is nice…
Benedict:…people are nice, and good looking, even though we can’t see their faces because it’s too dark!

Sorry Benedict! We’ll try to point some light at your pretty faces next time. As the graffiti so poignantly states – “This is how we walk on the moon.”

Taking It Back

This weekend, we’re back at our new home – the spot where we did our party on October 9. It’s the one with the gazebo in the terrace, the hardwood floors, ample bathrooms, and the big windows. This time we’re cozying it up, adding more seating, more lighting, and we’re trying out a new soundsystem. Our friends Arvin Ajamian and Gavin Royce (they call themselves Bad Decision when they DJ and produce music together) have the prototype for the famed Montreal club, Stereo, and we’ll be giving it a go.

Our guest this time is Sascha Dive, a man who’s been remixed by Moodymann and a vinyl addict who’s all about texture and tone and great house music, so he’ll doubtlessly take advantage of the stellar system.

As usual, beer’s free for the first hour of the party, and if you’re in a crunch, advance tickets are available but in limited supply, so hop on them sooner than later. All the details to the right as usual.

We’ll see you at the party!