This Weekend’s Jam

Ok folks, this weekend’s party is almost upon us. Hope you’re as excited as we are. We’ve got a wonderful new spot with wooden floors, and outdoor terrace and plenty of bathrooms. (You’ll enter through the gate that you see in the middle of the picture below.) On the music front we’re delighted to have a truly talented guest in the form of Keith Worthy joining Eamon and Justin.

We’re being discrete with the venue address, so if you don’t know the location already, pop an email to mister [at] mistersaturdaynight [dot] com, and we’ll make sure you get all the information you need. Just do us a favor and don’t post it anywhere public.

Thanks, and we’ll see you there!

The Hustler

This Saturday we have Keith Worthy bringing his deep, hypnotic and distinctly Detroit vibes to Mister Saturday Night. We’ve told you a lot about the new space already, so now it’s time to take a moment to get to know our talented guest a little more. We fired a few questions at him earlier this week. Here’s what he had to say.

Mister Saturday Night: You’ve been busy recently. Traveling, taking in a lot gigs & reaping well-deserved success it would seem. How do you feel about this particular time for you?

Keith Worthy: It’s always feels good when people are interested and appreciate what you are doing, and it’s cool to visit other parts of the world and meet and play for people who get down the way that you do… but I stay away from using the word ‘success’… it’s relative depending on what your goal really is. Continue reading “The Hustler”

Other Nights of the Week: Live from New York

There’s a nip in the air that feels like perfect dancing weather to us – and we’ve got just the spot in mind. The Mister is all kinds of excited to give its new home a workout this Saturday, with a little help from Aesthetic Audio bossman Keith Worthy.

For additional sweat inducement, check out Marnie Stern’s fiery licks tonight at the Rock Shop and listen to Gov. David Patterson spin some killer Prince b-sides on Sunday at the Insound Pop-up Store.

Tue, Oct 5 : Marnie Stern Record Release Party
The Rock Shop (249 4th Ave, Brooklyn) / 8p / $12 / more info / directions  Continue reading “Other Nights of the Week: Live from New York”

The Secret Place

A little over a year ago, we took Mister Saturday Night to Market Hotel, our home for the bulk of last fall, winter and spring. Next Saturday we’re introducing a space that we hope will become our new home, a place that’s got all the charm of Market Hotel with nicer (and more plentiful) bathrooms. There’s hardwood flooring, an outdoor terrace, a bunch of big windows and an address around the corner from an easily accessible train station.

For our inaugural Mister Saturday Night there, Eamon and Justin will share time with Keith Worthy, a man whose Aesthetic Audio imprint has released ten very deep records over the past three years. It should also be noted that he’s from Detroit.

As for party logistics, we’re returning to our old trick of offering up beers on the house for the first hour of the party, but if you can’t get there early, don’t worry. We won’t break the bank. To find out the location of our new space, sign up for our email list in the upper-right corner of the blog, and you’ll get the venue details next Friday.