Greg Wilson Live From The Mister

Greg Wilson has kindly, and very swiftly, posted his mix from last Saturday’s party. Here it is. Enjoy!

An Old Friend

After a three date tour in Europe we’re back in our beloved New York for the next edition of the Mister. On this occasion we welcome back an old friend and a guest who rocked one of the most memorable parties last year at Market Hotel. We’re speaking of course of Mister Greg Wilson.

The man will reliably be in control of his trusty Revox reel-to-reel which should be a treat to behold in the elevated DJ booth cum kitchen at 12-turn-13.

Eamon will be manning resident DJs either side of Greg’s set as Justin continues his European adventure. Beers are on the house for the first hour. Early bird tickets are all sold out but general admission is still available here.  Alternatively you can RSVP and roll in before midnight for reduced admission.

All the other details are just to the right. Until then you can whet your appetite with a recent mix from Greg being hosted by our Mancunian friends – El Diablo Social Club.

This Weekend & Beyond

This weekend, we’re back to doing the Mister like you know it best. No holiday extravaganza or collaboration, just a good, old-fashioned, one-room, one-soundsystem, Justin-Eamon-and-guest, free-beer-for-the-first-hour kind of get down. Does that mean it won’t be special? Of course not.

In fact, it will be extra special. Our guest is Omar S, who, making his third showing at MSN, is now our most frequent musical companion. It’s no wonder why we’ve asked him back as often as we have. In addition to consistently producing tracks that make their way into Justin and Eamon’s sets, he’s a phenomenal DJ, a master of dancefloor hypnosis. This will also be the last time that Eamon and Justin play together in New York for a while. Justin’s headed off to Berlin for a few months, and their only joint gigs until April will be in Europe. That makes this a going-away party of sorts.

It’s certainly not the kind of going-away where you should be shedding tears, though: the future’s looking bright. While Justin’s away, joining Eamon on deck duty will be SoulPhiction, Greg Wilson and Todd Terje – the latter of whom we’ve been trying to bring back to New York for years. And when Justin comes back in April, he and Eamon will be joined by Caribou(!!!!!) and… well, that’s enough for now, but there’s another exclamation-point worthy guest playing with us on Saturday, April 9th.

Tickets for this Saturday and February 12th are here right now, and they’ll go on sale soon enough for the rest. All the other details for Saturday are to the right of this post. See you this weekend.

Better Late Than Never

We asked Greg Wilson a few questions ahead of joining us behind the plates at the party last Saturday. Unfortunately his answers disappeared into the mysterious ether that is the Internet until just this morning.

Strange… but anyway, it was another fantastic night; and here, better late than never, is some interesting insight. Continue reading “Better Late Than Never”

The Real Deal

Greg Wilson is the real deal. He has a pedigree stretching back to the original disco era, coming to national prominence in the early 1980s as the first to champion New York’s emerging Electro-Funk sound and the first DJ to mix records on national TV (in 1983!). He was the first dance music DJ to become resident at Manchester’s legendary Hacienda, then very much an indie and ‘alternative’ music venue.

Fast forward to today and Greg is very much in full force, touring the world armed with laptop, turntables and, of course, his trusty Revox B77 reel-to-reel. No doubt he’ll be have his customized re-edits in tow as he joins Justin & Eamon for what is sure to be another corking Mister Saturday Night at our home on Myrtle and Broadway.