Real Scenes New York

Justin, Eamon and footage from an indoor Mister Sunday at 12-turn-13 feature in the latest edition of the Real Scenes documentary series from Resident Advisor. Also featured are Archie Pelago who released MSN002, as well as  host of characters from the dance music world in New York opining on community and creativity in New York today.

Spring Is In The Air

MSN_2013_Apr_MrSunIt’s been a long winter.

We’re doing our part to encourage the warm weather, though, (it seems to be working) by throwing an indoor, springtime edition of Mister Sunday at 12-turn-13. We’ll keep the curtains open on the big windows to let the sun shine in; we’ll hang lights from the beams to make it feel as much like you’re dancing in the trees as possible; and we’ve enlisted our decoration and lighting designer-in-chief, Jeffrey Ralston, to make giant, inflatable flowers. (For real.)

We’ll have mulled wine and Country Boys tacos to warm you from the inside out, and, of course, music from Mister residents Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, so we imagine you’ll probably get pretty sweaty. The party runs from 3pm to 9pm, and it costs $15; or, if you RSVP to and get there before 5pm, it’ll only cost you $10.

You can buy tickets in advance over on our RA page. The last indoor Mister Sunday filled up really early, so we definitely recommend you to buy an advance ticket or get down early.

Finally, one note for the folks with kids. The last time we did the party, we encouraged you to bring your little ones. We noticed, though, that it pretty quickly became too busy for kids to really be able to run around and have a good time. You are more than welcome to bring the young lads and lasses; we just wanted you to know what to expect.

If you’ve got any questions, just email us at until the day before the party, and we’ll hit you back.

And that is all. We’re looking forward to dancing in the daytime with you again.

Lightning Strikes Twice

The Mister’s back for the second week in a row. This time we’re at 12-turn-13, perhaps the best party place known to man (certainly known to New York City), with Eamon, Justin and our very special guest, James Holden. James is an ace DJ.

Beer’s free for the first hour of the evening; we’ll set up the bagel bar around 4am; it’s $15 to get in before midnight with an RSVP to; and it’s $20 otherwise. Advance tickets are always a good idea: an RSVP doesn’t guarantee admission, and the party’s filled to capacity every time we’ve done it since May of last year.

Alright! That’s it! See you then and there!

A Little Dose Of Summertime


Memorial Day is just too far away.So we’ve decided to bring a little dose of summertime to January by doing a special winter edition of Mister Sunday on MLK weekend. We’re setting up shop at our favorite loft in the whole wide world, 12-turn-13, where there are plenty of windows to let the sunshine in and where there’s plenty of room on the rooftop to catch some crisp air.

Country Boys will be in the house serving up Mexican fare, mulled wine will be on the bar menu, we’ll be hanging lights from the beams to make it feel as much like you’re dancing in the trees as possible, and we’ll have a little area for the kids to have some fun until sundown. (After sundown it’ll likely be time to put them to bed: 12-turn-13’s not as expansive as Gowanus Grove, so most of the space becomes the dancefloor as the evening wears on.)

The party runs from 3pm to 9pm, and it costs $15; or, if you RSVP to and get there before 5pm, it’ll only cost you $10. 12-turn-13 is at 172 Classon Ave, between Park and Myrtle Ave. Here’s a map.

We can’t wait to see you.

Unidentified Flying Mister

Ben UFO lands at 12-turn-13 to join Eamon and me for the next edition of The Mister. We love Ben. He runs the great Hessle Audio label alongside Pearson Sound and Pangaea; he is a stellar DJ; and he is a really nice guy. (Also, he has special bonus points for hosting us on his Rinse FM show back in May.)

Beer’s on the house from ten to eleven, and the late-night bagel bar gets rolled out at about four (the bagels are on the house, too). We think this one’s gonna be busy. (Surprise!) Buying tickets is a good idea.