An Old Friend

After a three date tour in Europe we’re back in our beloved New York for the next edition of the Mister. On this occasion we welcome back an old friend and a guest who rocked one of the most memorable parties last year at Market Hotel. We’re speaking of course of Mister Greg Wilson.

The man will reliably be in control of his trusty Revox reel-to-reel which should be a treat to behold in the elevated DJ booth cum kitchen at 12-turn-13.

Eamon will be manning resident DJs either side of Greg’s set as Justin continues his European adventure. Beers are on the house for the first hour. Early bird tickets are all sold out but general admission is still available here.  Alternatively you can RSVP and roll in before midnight for reduced admission.

All the other details are just to the right. Until then you can whet your appetite with a recent mix from Greg being hosted by our Mancunian friends – El Diablo Social Club.