Power Up, Power Down

So we had some power issues on Sunday. We think it was all the new lights we’re using to keep the Grove illuminated as the sun goes down earlier. Or it could’ve been the four-mixer setup we had in the booth. Anyway, we think we’ve got it fixed for this week, but here’s a video of a spontaneous drum circle erupting when the lights went off last Sunday. Then Martin Luther King, Jr. Then Bob Marley. It was all good fun in the end.

video by Marshall McDonald

One thought on “Power Up, Power Down

  1. Guys,

    I’m just back from New York and I wanted to THANK YOU.

    I came to Mr Sunday on the 9th of September. This was my first time and man it was good !!
    I hadn’t felt such good vibes in years. Gowanus Grove is definitely the place to be.
    I left with a couple of black records in my bag (unfortunately, regular sized tees were all sold out) and many, many good memories, images and sounds in my head.

    Merci Monsieur Dimanche !!!
    Big LOVE from France.


    PS: have you considered coming to Europe sometime ?! Anyway, I’ll be back as soon as I can !!

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