The Mister Movie

To help celebrate our 99th and 100th parties we asked our good friend Marshall McDonald to make a video portrait of the Mister. From the people who work behind the scenes to the folks on the dancefloor, we think Mister McDonald has done a perfect job of capturing the experience.

We hope you enjoy this celebration of the Mister to date and that you’ll join us for many more great Mister Saturday Nights and Mister Sundays to come.

Eamon & Justin

2 thoughts on “The Mister Movie

  1. Thank you so much. Great video. What a fabulous party. Please never leave New York!

  2. Many thanks to Emon, Justin, the Country Boys, waiters and waitresses, bar tenders, security people, everyone involved in putting such great parties together and the people dancing with lovely smiles! Love the great vibe, groovy tunes, fantastic location, good Mexican food, Sangria and local beer. Congrats on 100th anniversary! Keep on going!

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