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JD Twitch Joins Justin

JD Twitch, one of our DJ heroes, joins Justin Carter** behind the turntables for this weekend’s edition of Mister Sunday. Twitch runs the excellent Optimo Music label; he DJed and ran the long running Optimo parties in Glasgow for thirteen years (and still does the occasional Optimo party); and he is one of the world’s finest DJs. He played for us last year, and it was lovely. Tickets are here, and if you come down early, you’ll probably be able to get them at the door.

**Both will be less somber than in the pictures above, and Justin will be about ten years older.


It’s Labor Day weekend, so best be prepared to WORK on that dancefloor. Eamon and Justin are playing together for the first time since early August, and you know it’s gonna be good.

Our holiday weekend parties are almost always busy, and this year we’ve filled to capacity on quite a few regular weekends, so if you want to come, getting a ticket is more than just a good idea.

If you’re headed out of town this weekend, have a great time, and we’ll see you when you’re back. We’ll be Mistering outdoors until October 18th this year, so plenty of time to get down with us in the late summer and autumn…

All the best,
Mister Saturday Night

Justin Goes Solo

Justin goes solo this Sunday. Tickets are here. They’re always a good idea.

Duane Harriott Joins JC This Week

This Sunday, while Eamon is back home, Justin Carter is joined by Duane Harriott, one of our favorite New York DJs. Duane’s one half of Devin Dare, one half of Bim Marx, 100% of Desiree West and 100% amazing. (He’s responsible for this Mister Sunday dancefloor staple.) He’ll be playing an OG vinyl copy of Pure Phase by Spiritualized to start the day. Then he’ll be blowing through all kinds of genres. Hearing him and Justin play together is a rare and wonderful treat. Get down early, and stay late.

Los Angeles and The Home Front

digEamon and Justin are off to the west coast on Friday night to play their first ever gig together in Los Angeles. It’s a secret loft party called Digging Deeper. (We’ve heard good things!) If you’re in La La Land, or if you know someone there, this is where you can find the info.

After LA, Eamon jumps back to NYC to play Mister Sunday solo. We filled to capacity last weekend, and we’re actually letting in fewer people this Sunday, so as to preserve a little space on the dancefloor (apologies for the tightness on the floor last weekend – we’ll try not to let that happen again), so getting a ticket for that one is a good idea.

See you this weekend, we hope!

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