Mr. And Ms. Saturday Night: April 14th

We caught this nice pair stretching out and getting down in a more spacious area of the House Of Yes two Saturdays ago. Meet Avi and Miss Vanilla, equally dressed to impress in their own clothing lines!

MSN: What brought you here?
Avi: Actually, my friend, Vanilla, she invited me. I was going to her house tonight and she was was like, “Yo, you wanna go to a house party?”  and I said, “Why not!”
MSN: So you’ve never been to one of these parties before?
Avi: I’ve been to house music parties before but not this particular one.
MSN: Any one or two that you remember particularly?
Avi: Name-wise, no! It’s always been random for me.
MSN: What do you like about the parties you go to, or what do you like about house music?
Avi: The beat, and the groove! It just continues on and on and on. Like, “house music all night long.” It’s literally that!
MSN: Do you listen to dance music at home?
Avi: Yes, I definitely do.
MSN: Do you download mixes, or just listen to whatever you find?
Avi: Mostly whatever I find, because I find that music is so deep, and there’s so many artists out there, that it’s so hard to keep up, you know what I mean? So I just try to download whatever I find here and there.
MSN: What are your interests, passions?
Avi: I just graduated, I’m a graphic designer. I have a little clothing brand, it’s called Contemporary Negro. But that name might change in the future though.
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Acrobatics, Violin, Magic and the Other Nights of the Week

It’s Next Wave season at BAM, and we’ve got a fist full of tickets for shows at the Harvey and Howard over the next few weeks. The thing we’re excited most about is tonight’s Raoul, a show conceived and fronted by violinist/acrobat/magician/clown James Thiérrée. We’ve seen the past two shows he’s done, mesmerizingly costumed and designed spectacles that take advantage of all Thiérrée’s various slashes, and they’re genius. (In case you’re worried that DJs don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to theater, here’s a clip to prove the brilliance.)

The rest of the nights of the week aren’t so shabby either. Favourite Sons, one of our favorite bands, return from a long time off at Union Pool, hopefully airing out songs from their recently recorded album. Out jazz grabs our attention on Thursday and Friday with Henry Threadgill’s Zooid and the Sun Ra Arkestra; and we’ll spend our Mister-less Saturday night getting down at Sound Noir with Dial artist John Roberts. Sunday we’re checking Nick Cave’s ballsy Grinderman show, and Monday we’re seeing Sigur Ros’s Jonsi in a church on the Upper West Side. How civilized.

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