Pandaemonium: A Summoning in 5 Acts

Mister Saturday Night may be off this weekend, but two Mister collaborators are stepping into the weekend fray. Long-time comrade Rudolf Rocker and MSN projectionist Sam Burneverything are joining forces to present Pandaemonium, an evening of heavy sounds and visual illusions at Silent Barn.

Although the music may be of a different vein – think ’70s spy movies and psychedelic metal – the vibe should be familiar to the Mister crew. There’s plenty of room to make new friends, without sacrificing the raw intensity in front of the stage.

Come midnight, as the last ominous notes ring from Liturgy’s guitars, a group of shadowy magicians will conjure the Psychomanteum – a powerful oracle captured in a single shimmering mirror. Rumor has it that all those who remain will be allowed to gaze into its depths…

Dust off your finest wizarding hat, grab a minion or two and we’ll see you there.

[poster courtesy of Burneverything]

Burneverything: Mister Saturday Light

These are the shapes of Mister Saturday Night: pulsing orbs, trembling waves and that blissful moon rising overhead. The rhythmic projections that illuminate the dance floor emanate from the mind – and MacBook – of a gent named Sam. Despite his general preference to shine lights rather than stand in them, we felt it was only right to offer up a proper introduction to Mister Saturday Light.

Mister Saturday Night: Name and known aliases?

Sam: Sam. Sam Burneverything. And more rarely – Lord Eye Licker: Hunter of the Mythical Florescent Brown.

MSN: Place of origin?

S: Yorkshire, England then a long time in Liverpool, where we started an art and design studio called burneverything. Now here in New York.

MSN: How do you view your role at Mister Saturday?

S: I think my role is to complement the music and hopefully enhance the experience. Mister Saturday Night is always a great party – hopefully I can add another dynamic through the light shows. Continue reading “Burneverything: Mister Saturday Light”