Burneverything: Mister Saturday Light

These are the shapes of Mister Saturday Night: pulsing orbs, trembling waves and that blissful moon rising overhead. The rhythmic projections that illuminate the dance floor emanate from the mind – and MacBook – of a gent named Sam. Despite his general preference to shine lights rather than stand in them, we felt it was only right to offer up a proper introduction to Mister Saturday Light.

Mister Saturday Night: Name and known aliases?

Sam: Sam. Sam Burneverything. And more rarely – Lord Eye Licker: Hunter of the Mythical Florescent Brown.

MSN: Place of origin?

S: Yorkshire, England then a long time in Liverpool, where we started an art and design studio called burneverything. Now here in New York.

MSN: How do you view your role at Mister Saturday?

S: I think my role is to complement the music and hopefully enhance the experience. Mister Saturday Night is always a great party – hopefully I can add another dynamic through the light shows. . . . Read on

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