Mister Motor

2012 is coming fast and furious, with time for just one Mister at home in the month of January. In the coming weeks, Eamon and Justin are making their way to Chicago, London, Glasgow, Berlin and Stuttgart to spread the Mister’s good news.

If you’re stumped on that last city in the list, you’re probably not alone. Stuttgart may not be the best known city in Germany, but it is the epicenter of German auto engineering, hence the name of our guest on January 21.

Motor City Drum Ensemble is the alias of Danilo Plessow, a young Stuttgart-born artist who, with some incredibly mature and inventive music, has been freaking people out since 2007. He played a great set for us on the Gowanus three summers ago, and he hasn’t visited the States again since. Needless to say, we’re excited to have him back after all this time.

The rest of the story is just the way you like it: Music surging through our big, blue soundsystem at 12-turn-13; plenty of room to dance, chat, sing, and work up a sweat on the wood dancefloor; and a beautiful, scenic, rooftop patio for taking a breather. If you RSVP to mister@mistersaturdaynight.com, you’ll get in for $15 if you show up before midnight, and if you get there before eleven, beer’s on us.

Mister Saturday Night
with residents Justin Carter & Eamon Harkin
and very special guest Motor City Drum Ensemble

at 12-turn-13 / 172 Classon Ave between Park and Myrtle, Brooklyn / Saturday, January 21st / 10p-6a / $15 before midnight with RSVP to mister@mistersaturdaynight.com / $20 otherwise / map to venue/ 21+**Although we absolutely love to play host to our underage friends, the operators of the space make the rules. When we can, we do it all-ages, but for 12-turn-13, we’ve gotta keep it twenty-one and over.

Mixes From Sundays Past

We recorded a lot of mixes of our guests playing at Sunday Best over the years. There’s also a few from Eamon and Justin and one in particular of them playing back-to-back at the last Sunday Best party ever.

Here they all are. A real treasure trove. We hope they whet your appetite for Mister Sunday kicking off on May 29th. Don’t download them all at once!

Alex from Tokyo, Dam Funk, Danny Wang, Eamon Harkin (another one here), Fred P, I:Cube, Joakim, John Daly, Jus Ed (part 1) and (part 2), Justin Carter, Justus Kohncke, Kyle Hall, Michael Mayer, Mister Saturday Night (Eamon & Justin, together as one), Motor City Drum Ensemble, Move D, Mr Scruff, Optimo, Quentin Harris, Riton, Roy Davis Jr, Rub N Tug, Stefan Goldman, Tim Sweeney, Trus’me and The Wurst DJs (My Cousin Roy, Runaway and Doug Lee)