Mister Sunday

The Fourth, The Fifth

If you’re in town this holiday weekend, good news! We’ve got you covered for July 4th AND July 5th.

For the Fourth we’re doing a back yard barbecue at Nowadays. It’s not a dance party, but it’ll most definitely be a good time. Eamon and Justin are bringing down back-yard-appropriate-LPs from their home listening collections, and they’ll be playing them in full, on vinyl, from noon onward; the Nowadays kitchen crew (who generally keep it all-American) are adding corn dogs and bomb pops(!!!) to the menu for extra America-ness; aaaaaand, finally, Eamon’s organizing a ping pong tournament. Sign up’s first come, first served, and matches start at 2pm. The winner shall be rewarded. Best thing about all that? It’s free. Just come down.

As for July 5th? Well, it’s Mister Sunday, and you know the drill with that: dancing to good tunes in the great outdoors. What could be better? (By the way, it seems like the advance ticket craze is dying down, so don’t stress it too much if you’re trying to figure out your weekend. We’ll let you know from here out if advance tickets seem like a necessity.)

Hope you have a nice mellow week leading up to the holiday. If you’re going out of town, have a great time, and if you’re sticking around, we hope to see you at least once!

July 4th at Nowadays // Saturday, July 4th // at 56-06 Cooper Avenue near Wyckoff, Ridgewood // take the L to Halsey // free // all ages // dogs welcome on a leash // general hours, directions and other info about Nowadays 

Mister Sunday // Sunday, July 5th // 3pm – 9pm // at Industry City // 644 2nd Ave, Brooklyn // $15 // advance tickets // all ages

On Point

mrsun_email_2015We’ve been plenty excited about our new spot over the past couple weeks. We, of course, haven’t forgotten about the dancing, though. Mister Sunday’s on at Industry City again this weekend, same as it ever was: good tunes, good people and good things to eat and drink.

We’ve posted tickets for the next six parties, and we still think it’s a good idea to get ’em in advance for this Sunday.

Eamon’s opening this weekend’s festivities with a yet-to-be-determined album, but here’s a listening mix from Justin that was recently posted. Enjoy, and we’ll see you Sunday!

Eamon Goes Solo. Justin Goes Solo. Two Parties In Two Places At Once.

This Sunday is a super special one, because, for the very first time ever, we’ll be doing two parties at once – one in London and another back home in Brooklyn. Eamon’s holding it down on the homefront, while Justin brings his oversized record bags to play solo at Oval Space in London.

The party in Brooklyn happens on our regular schedule, and the the party in London starts at 3pm and goes to 11pm. Tickets for Mister Sunday in Brooklyn with Eamon are here, and tickets for Mister Sunday in London with Justin are here.

Eamon and Justin Live From Mister Sunday’s Outdoor Opener

Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin live at Industry City on the opening day of 2015’s outdoor Mister Sunday season, May 24th. This is two recordings combined into one – one direct from the mixer and one from a microphone perched in a tree just off the dancefloor. Enjoy!

A New Tradition, Starting With First Recordings by RL Burnside

RLIf you’ve ever gotten to the party early, you’ve probably heard Eamon or Justin play a full album or two. We’ve got a pretty nice sound system, and it’s a treat to hear a good long player over the PA before the dancefloor fills up. This year we’re making something official of our casual tradition with one of the guys selecting an album in advance and telling a little about why they’re going to play it. Justin’s taking the first turn. The record he’s chosen is RL Burnside’s First Recordings:

Back in October of 2011, I took a trip through the south that landed me in Clarksdale, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee. Before then I had the cursory blues knowledge that any music fan might, but the stops in those two towns made me fall deeply in love with the music. (I made a short mix of some of my first blues infatuations back in January in 2012 in case you’re interested.) Since then, I’ve grown my collection, and I’ve become particularly interested in the blues as dance music.

In its heyday, the blues were played in many ways and served many purposes, but my favorite recordings are the ones that put me in a trance, where the guitars drone and the vocals punctuate. Even when there’s no percussive elements in a recording, you can almost hear how dancers would’ve clapped along or stomped their feet to fill in the space.

The first recordings of RL Burnside contain some of the hardest dance tunes I’ve heard in the blues. Absolutely crushing stuff. (I played “Skinny Blues” at peak time at one of the most recent Mister Sundays.) Even the songs that aren’t dancers are full of groove and swagger. I can’t help but nod my head through the whole record.

The story of how this album was recorded is also very cool. George Mitchell, one of the great blues scholars and field recorders, was in Mississippi in 1968, searching for unknown players. He was led to RL by Othar Turner, a legendary blues man himself. When Mitchell arrived at Burnside’s small home, his wife, nine of his ten kids, and a few local friends were squeezed inside. Mitchell took a seat on their couch, and RL started up. After the first song, George Mitchell, mesmerized, hit record on his tape machine and captured the album we’ll listen to Sunday.

If you’re interested in any more of the story, feel free to come to the booth and ask to see the jacket. (I also have the first issue of some of the recordings, which has a little more back story. I’ll bring that, too.) I’m really looking forward to playing it for you – and, selfishly, taking yet another opportunity to listen to it myself!

–Justin Carter

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