The Final Details for NYE

The big night is almost upon us! Here’s a recap of what’s happening at this special expanded edition of Mister Saturday Night..

In one room, residents Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin will be joined for a midnight set by Detroit wunderkind Kyle Hall, riding a very special sound system all night long. Local production duo Bad Decision open proceedings up from 9pm.

In the other room is Martyn, a producer recognized as one of the world’s best known dubstep creators but who also plays diverse sets which find the likes of Prince, J Dilla and Washed Out rubbing shoulders with more futuristic sounds. Rounding out the room with Martyn is DJ Qu, a fantastic local jock and the man behind of one of our favorite labels, Strength Music.

We’re also taking extra special care of the production for this one. Both rooms will be fantastically bedecked by Jessica Grindstaff, a set designer whose work has graced stages from Amsterdam to Australia to our hometown Brooklyn Academy of Music (and our Halloween party back in October).

We’ve also got an open champagne bar all night long AND a special hand printed mix CD created especially for the party by Eamon & Justin (limited to the first 200 folks through the door). There’s going to be plenty of room to dance, relax and chat with friends in both rooms as well as an outdoor patio where you can get a breath of fresh air. There will also be plenty of bathrooms and bar staff to keep things flowing nicely through the night.

Remember that this is a ticket-only affair. Tickets are selling quickly so get yours now over here to avoid disappointment. We will not be selling tickets on the door! Tickets are all sold out.

Ticket-holders will be emailed the address details on the evening of Dec 30th and also right after sales close at noon on the 31st. Rest assured that the venue is at a convenient location, close to train stops accessible in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

And that just about covers it. We’ll see you on New Years Eve.

The Essence

This weekend we’re focusing on the essence of Mister Saturday Night – the residents. Eamon and Justin are holding it down all by themselves, stretching out for at least eight hours, dipping into all corners of their far-flung collections.

This one’s going down at our new Brooklyn home – address info and directions will be posted on Friday in case you don’t have it from last time around – and on the soundsystem that production/DJ duo Bad Decision have generously hooked up for us. If you came for our party on November 6, you heard it, and if you didn’t, trust us when we say it’s truly spectacular.

As usual, the space will be cozy, with plenty of places to sit, lots of wood-floor real estate for dancing, and a patio where you can get some cool air and smoke cigarettes (please no smoking indoors though…). Beer’s free from 10p to 11p, and because we don’t have the expenses associated with hosting a guest, the party’s $5 less than usual.

RSVP to get in for $10 before midnight. If you’d like advance tickets, those are on sale here.

We’ll see you Saturday!

System By Shorty

That, up there, is one fourth of the soundsystem we’re using at the party this weekend. Organized for us by production and DJ duo Bad Decision, the system was designed by a gent named Shorty, who designed and installed the sound rig at a place called Stereo in Montreal (a system that Francois K is rumored to have said is the best he’s played on since the Paradise Garage).

Shorty put in time at the original Sound Factory and maintained the system at Twilo – a club with a now legendary system – for years. We caught up with him a little bit to talk about back then and right now. This is what he had to say…

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Taking It Back

This weekend, we’re back at our new home – the spot where we did our party on October 9. It’s the one with the gazebo in the terrace, the hardwood floors, ample bathrooms, and the big windows. This time we’re cozying it up, adding more seating, more lighting, and we’re trying out a new soundsystem. Our friends Arvin Ajamian and Gavin Royce (they call themselves Bad Decision when they DJ and produce music together) have the prototype for the famed Montreal club, Stereo, and we’ll be giving it a go.

Our guest this time is Sascha Dive, a man who’s been remixed by Moodymann and a vinyl addict who’s all about texture and tone and great house music, so he’ll doubtlessly take advantage of the stellar system.

As usual, beer’s free for the first hour of the party, and if you’re in a crunch, advance tickets are available but in limited supply, so hop on them sooner than later. All the details to the right as usual.

We’ll see you at the party!