BXI: The Secrets of Rock

BXI is the union of Japanese rockers Boris and Ian Astbury of the Cult. An unlikely pairing that makes more sense with each listen, the band melds its heavy squall with Astbury’s wizened baritone to create something simultaneously familiar and new.

Boris’ drummer/vocalist Atsuo and Mr. Astbury himself were kind enough to spend nearly an hour with us last week, just a day before the collaborative project made its debut at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple. In a conversation that threw small talk out the window, Atsuo and Astbury shared their eloquent perspectives on the creative process, the ritual of live music, the wisdom of age – and the awesome power of the sun.

Mister Saturday Night: Ian, you once said of [labelmates] Sunn O))) that there is “no language to explain the experience.” Can a musical experience ever be captured in language?

Ian Astbury: It’s a cul-de-sac. I think the cultural language available is very limited. Pop is easier to talk about – we all understand the sentiment. But once you cross over into something so emotive, layered and diverse – that textured spectrum of light and shade – that’s a very difficult thing to articulate, especially in print. I just point and say: “Listen to it.” . . . Read on

Other Nights of the Week: Michael Jackson 101

After a relaxed Labor Day spent eating smoked herring on Brighton Beach, fall arrives with a slate of great shows. This week we’ll be conjuring the spirits with Sunn O))) and Boris, and going back to school to take Advanced Michael Jackson.

Tue, Sept 7: Sunn O))), Boris and BXI (feat. Ian Astbury)
Brooklyn Masonic Temple (317 Clermont Ave, Brooklyn) / 8p / $35 / more info / directions . . . Read on

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