Real Scenes New York

Justin, Eamon and footage from an indoor Mister Sunday at 12-turn-13 feature in the latest edition of the Real Scenes documentary series from Resident Advisor. Also featured are Archie Pelago who released MSN002, as well as  host of characters from the dance music world in New York opining on community and creativity in New York today.

Hard Courage

MSN_2013_Jan_FaltyDL3bWe’re back at the House of Yes before Eamon and Justin head out on tour for the month of February. Joining the boys this evening is Brooklyn’s own FaltyDL. He’s got an album called “Hardcourage” just out on Ninjatune, and he’ll be playing live. We’ll be doing a few special things to celebrate the album release, and you’ll be able to pick up his record at the merch table.

Then there are the things we always to to make it special: analogue party lights, late-night bagel bar, and on-the-house beers for the first hour of the party. Why? Because we like you.