Repealing The Cabaret Law

It’s a really important day for arts and culture in New York City. We can all do something to make an impact.

The NYC Cabaret Law – a law that makes dancing illegal at all but about 100 venues in New York – is the subject of a City Council public hearing today. 16 Council Members have signed on to the repeal of the law; 10 more are needed for cabaret to be DONE.

Every New York City voter can do something now to see it go away.

Please take a moment to call your NYC Council Member. You can find your Council Person’s name and number by entering your address here.

Once you’ve found your Council Member’s name, look at the list below to find their legislative office number, and call them. Don’t wait until later. Do it now while it’s on the top of your head. It’ll take you less than five minutes!

Council Members in bold have signed on. All the others are a priority on the call list. If a council member hears from even a handful of constituents, they take note, so this action is truly meaningful.

When you get someone on the phone, ask them to vote in favor of the Let NYC Dance Bill #1652. There’s a nice script (and a bevy of information) on the Let NYC Dance site if you need some guidance. If no one picks up the phone, leave a message.

Without further ado, here’s that list of Council Members:

Rafael Espinal // 212-788-7284

Margaret Chin // 212-788-7259

Rosie Mendez // 212-788-7366

Corey Johnson // 212-788-6979

Dan Garodnick // 212-788-7393

Ben Kallos // 212-788-6865

Helen Rosenthal // 212-788-6975

Mark Levine // 212-788-7007

Melissa Mark-Viverito // 212-788-7210

Bill Perkins // 212-788-7397

Ydanis Rodriguez // 212-788-7053

Andrew Cohen // 212-788-7080

Andy King // 212-788-6873

Jimmy Vacca // 212-788-7375

Fernando Cabrera // 212-788-7074

Ritchie Torres // 212-788-6966

Vanessa Gibson // 212-788-6856

Rafael Salamanca // 212-788-7384

Annabel Palma // 212-788-6853

Paul Vallone // 212-788-7250

Peter Koo // 212-788-7022

Julissa Ferreras-Copeland // 212-788-6862

Costa Constantinides // 212-788-6963

Barry Grodenchik // 212-788-7075

Rory Lancman // 212-788-6956

Daniel Dromm // 212-788-7066

Jimmy Van Bramer // 212-788-7370

Daneek Miller // 212-788-7084

Karen Koslowitz // 212-788-6981

Elizabeth Crowley // 212-788-7381

Donovan Richards // 212-788-7216

Eric Ulrich // 212-788-7069

Steve Levin // 212-788-7348

Antonio Reynoso // 212-788-7095

Laurie Cumbo // 212-788-7081

Robert Cornegy // 212-788-7354

Carlos Menchaca // 212-788-7372

Brad Lander // 212-788-6969

Mathieu Eugene // 212-788-7352

Darlene Mealy // 212-788-7387

Inez Barron // 212-788-6957

Vincent Gentile // 212-788-7363

David Greenfield // 718-853-2704

Jumaane Williams // 212-788-6859

Alan Maisel // 212-788-7286

Mark Treygar // 212-788-7045

Chaim Deutsch // 212-788-7360

Debbie Rose // 212-788-6972

Steven Matteo // 212-788-7159

Joe Borelli // 212-788-6989

You Did It! Kickstarter Goal Reached!


Because of the support we received in our Kickstarter campaign, not only will Nowadays be able to open as a safe, legal space for music, food, drinks, learning and in-real-life human interaction – it’ll do so with incredible sound.

If you gave, or if shared our campaign, we can’t thank you enough.

And no matter what, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to Nowadays Indoors.

Until then…

Thank you!

Looking Back on 2016: Eamon Harkin

As has become Mister custom, I’ve made a list of my cultural highlights of 2016. There’s an art show, a few LPs, a couple of good reads and a handful of gems for the dance floor.
. . . Read on

Shea, Shea, Shea

FullSizeRenderWe’ve got our first dance of 2016 on January 17th. It’ll be the first of a handful of monthly indoor Mister Sundays at the scrappy (yet charming) Shea Stadium.

If you’ve never joined us at Shea, there are a few things to know. First, Shea Stadium is a DIY space in Brooklyn, not the former home field of Darryl Strawberry, Mookie Wilson, Doc Gooden and Keith Hernandez. (Go Mets.) It holds only about .5% the amount of people as the OG Shea Staidum, so it’s a good idea to get a ticket.

Second, it’s all ages, so come one, come all.

Third, and most importantly, some of our favorite Misters of all time have happened there. Something about the sun shining onto that little dancefloor brings out some extra magic.

Looking forward to seeing you there on the 17th. Until then, be well!

A Friend In Need

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.03.52 PM
If you’ve joined us at Mister Sunday over the past four years, or if you’ve come to Nowadays for a drink, chances are you’ve had the good fortune to interact with our friend, Adam Roth. Adam is a great musician, a dad, and an all around excellent guy who mans the bar and spreads good humor at the Mister.

A couple weeks ago, totally out of the blue, he was diagnosed with stage four bile duct cancer. Given no hope for a cure through traditional western medicine, he’s seeking alternative treatments which aren’t covered by insurance.

His family has started a fund raising page to help pay for his treatments, and it’s been heartening – though thouroughly unsurprising given how great a guy he is – to see an outpouring of support. We’re coming to you now in hopes that we can add to that support through our community.

Donating something will obviously be financially meaningful to Adam and his family; but even more, it will be evidence of the massive amount of love and support he has. Whether it’s by giving a couple dollars or more, we hope you’ll join us in showing Adam how much we love him. This is where you can give.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and thanks for being part of our big family. We’ll see you soon.

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