Mister West Coast

We’re playing two very different types of gigs this weekend out on the west coast. On Friday, Eamon and I hit Vancouver, where we play the New Forms Festival along with Marcellus Pittman, Deadbeat, Sun Araw and a bunch of other folks. Then, two nights later in San Francisco, we’re getting down and dirty with the boys from Honey Soundsystem. The flyers pretty much say it all. The real challenge is figuring out which records will work for both parties…

What We’re Doing This Evening

We’re very excited about the new Algo Rhythm series beginning tonight. Frequent attendees of the Mister, the gents putting this on are doing their own loft party with on-point bookings. Madteo, a local mega-digger and left-field producer, is opening up the evening, which is a rare treat; and Marcellus Pittman, the only Chair of the Three that hasn’t played with Eamon and Justin, is topping the bill.

For location information, email algorhythm@rocketmail.com.