Music We’re Feeling: Mount Kimbie

Making frequent appearances on the home stereo these days, Mount Kimbie is a new favorite of ours. A duo that’s performed live alongside another one of our musical crushes, James Blake, Mount Kimbie’s sound relies more heavily on the white noise of field recordings than the lonesome vocalist’s. This video is for a track from their debut full-length, Crooks and Lovers, which was released back in September.

Just Arrived

A big package of records just arrived at my door. It’s like Christmas! The James Blake track above – ‘I Only Know (What I Know Now)’ – was the first thing to go on the player. Heavenly. The I:Cube track below, ‘Merovingienne’, I’ve been dying for since I got the promo late last spring. Two (two!) got lost in the mail on the way over the Atlantic, so it’s a long-time coming. ‘In The City’ is a pretty little thing for the early evening by our friend Jacques Renault; and ‘Closer’ is, well, it’s filthy. And I love it. Continue reading “Just Arrived”