Talking About A New Year: DJ Qu

A couple weeks ago, when we were putting the final touches on our New Year’s Eve party, we realized that we had an open slot to fill. We thought for a few seconds… and very quickly Eamon and I agreed that DJ Qu was the perfect person to do it. Part of the crop of producers and jocks who’ve popped up alongside Jus-Ed in the recent past (count among that group Levon Vincent, Fred P and Anthony Parasole), Qu is probably our favorite of the bunch, releasing music that has a certain… how do you say… well, we’ll let him explain it.

Here is a mix he’s given us to get you in the mood and a few questions and answers that we passed back and forth yesterday.

Justin Carter: Much of the attention you’ve received for your label, Strength Music, and as a producer has been connected to Levon Vincent, Jus-Ed and Fred P. While there are many things that give you common ground, what do you think are the things that make you unique within that circle?

DJ Qu: I must say that I haven’t really given it much thought. The only thing I can say is that no one in the crew sounds alike. Each of us have our own unique sound, and I think that’s what makes each of us unique. The way I approach my music is totally different from Ed, Levon or Fred and vice-versa.

JC: This brings up a couple questions for me. First, I wasn’t sure whether the connection between you guys was just a convenient angle that writers piled onto or if it was something that you guys actually feel exits between you. Can you tell me how it is that you guys are connected, in practical ways and musically? Continue reading “Talking About A New Year: DJ Qu”