New York! Just Like I Pictured It

Before we came to New York, we had dreams of dancing with all different kinds of people, races and orientations under one roof. True diversity happens every now and again, but not nearly as much as we want.

The good thing about our fine city, though, is that you can make it what you want. And that’s just what we’re doing. Spank, our favorite underground gay party, joins forces with us to take over 12-turn-13, a place where it feels like anything is possible.

The result is…

New York! Just Like I Pictured It

**So we can keep things intimate, this will be an advance ticket-only party.**

New York! Just Like I Pictured It
with Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin, Sean B and DJ Will Automagic
presented by theARTcorps, SPANK and Mister Saturday Night

at 12-turn-13 / 172 Classon Ave between Park and Myrtle, Brooklyn / Saturday, March 31st / 10p-6a / this is a ticket-only party / you can purchase a ticket here / map to venue / 21+*

*Although we absolutely love to play host to our all-ages friends, the operators of the space make the rules. When we can, we do it all-ages, but for 12-turn-13, we’ve gotta keep it twenty-one and over.