We Still Love the Internet, Part 1

Orgy in Rhythm is one of those rare Web sites that has the power to make the Internet seem totally worthwhile – even after a particularly long day of spam deletion. The proprietor, a UK-based jazz fanatic known as Basoco, spends an inordinate amount of free time converting extremely rare, out-of-print LPs into high bit-rate MP3s. The result is an ever-expanding library of lost classics, Japanese imports and obscure curiosities, posted every week or so for the past four years.

This week, Basoco outdid himself. After writing about pioneering British jazz pianist Stan Tracey, Basoco received a comment on the post from producer Tony Higgins, who let slip that the third volume in his acclaimed series of UK jazz compilations (with Gilles Peterson) had been shelved by Universal. After Orgy in Rhythm’s loyal readers showered admiration on Higgins, the producer replied by offering up the entire third volume – including copious liner notes – to Basoco for free.

Check out Impressed Vol. 3, featuring choice cuts from the likes of Don Rendell and Kenny Wheeler, and explore Orgy in Rhythm for countless free-jazz freakouts, salsa scorchers and afro-funk jams.

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