Half Mister, Half Junior

Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys joins Eamon for a DJ set at a special Mister Sunday. RSVP to mister@mistersaturdaynight.com and arrive before 5pm to save $5 bucks, or grab your tickets here.

A Last Minute Chat

We just got this interview between Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, our guest tomorrow night, and Mister Steve Rogenstein, aka the Art Corp and the man behind 12 Turn 13, into our mail box, just in time to share with you ahead of tomorrow night’s party.

Have a read…

Steve Rogenstein: You’re primarily known for your studio work and live performances, yet the Body Language CD from a couple years ago cast you as a DJ. What was your DJ experience before then?

Jeremy Greenspan: We [Jeremy and Matthew Didemus, his partner in Junior Boys] both started as DJs. Matt and I used to DJ at parties when we were teenagers. We had a radio show, which at first was mainly drum and bass, but fairly quickly turned into garage and house. Then we had a residency at a club in Hamilton [in Ontario, Canada, their hometown] at some point in the late 90s. All that stuff was long long before we had even thought of Junior Boys. Continue reading “A Last Minute Chat”