OFFtrack Radio

OFFtrack February 26th 2011

Whilst in Berlin last week Justin and I appeared on Offtrack Radio, a regular radio show hosted by the charming Dirk Rumpff –  check it out generally for past appearances from Prosumer, Ame, Henrik Schwarz and Jazzanova amongst others.

We played some records and chatted a little about our party. You can have a listen to the show at the soundcloud link above.

Making Laptops Fun: Henrik Schwarz

Most of the time, we don’t like laptops making their way into Mister Saturday Night. But there are exceptions to any rule, and this weekend’s guest set by Henrik Schwarz is definitely one of them. We caught up with the excellent producer and laptop freaker in advance of his set alongside Justin and Eamon this weekend. This is how the chat went down.

Mister Saturday Night:Many artists making dance music have chosen the computer as their medium for live performance, yet you’re one of the few that are notably exciting because of the way you play from one. What do you think is different about your approach to playing from a laptop? When you look at it, do you see an instrument?

Henrik Schwarz:I definitely see it as an instrument–and as a fellow musician. The problems with computers might be that they don’t make mistakes: they don’t groove, they don’t sweat, they don’t dance. But we do. The computer is in a way the opposite of what we are. It is a machine that does only one thing at a time. It is very structured. On the other hand it is a universal machine–you can turn it into anything you like. So as a computer musician you have the choice if you want to follow the structure that the computer gives you (many people do that), or you can try and work against a very structured, predictable behaviour towards a more open, free, human way of interacting with the machine. Continue reading “Making Laptops Fun: Henrik Schwarz”

Moving On

Mister Saturday Night brings it again: sweet space, sweet sound, nice people and good vibes. Eamon and Justin are perusing their records for some nice, deep house this evening (though they’ll most certainly throw some surprises in that bag… It’s not Mister Saturday Night without a left turn or two.) Their guest is a gent named Henrik Schwarz. Schwarz plays live, and unlike a lot of other people you’ve seen behind a laptop, ‘live’ really applies here. He’ll be freaking everything from his own, excellent, original jams to ones by James Brown and Cymande.

Beer’s on the house from 10 to 11. Party’s happening ‘til late. People get ready.

This one is at a new secret spot. There’s a little outdoor space where you can get some fresh air, a nice room for hanging out and chatting, a main room that’s just as big as Market Hotel’s was and four much nicer bathrooms… and you’ve probably never been there before. Few people have. It’s gonna be perfect for us. Really looking forward to the party there.

RSVP to for address details.

Saturday May 8th // 10p – 6a // $10 early bird adv tix from, once the early bird tix sell the next limited batch sell at $15 // $15 before midnight // $20 otherwise