Rough Around The Edges

Mister Saturday Night and Anthony Naples feature in this short film from Red Bull Music Academy on creativity, community and making it happen in New York today.

It’s A Family Affair

MSN_2013_Apr6_Anthony2It’s a family affair. Justin and Eamon are joined by Anthony Naples at the House of Yes. Otherwise it’s the usual drill: $10 before midnight with an RSVP to; $15 otherwise; with strong suggestions for you to get a ticket in advance.

Don’t let our brevity fool you. Even though we’ve got a routine, we still keep it special every time. We’ll see you soon…

Mister 99

Mister Saturday Night started in a Manhattan club in early 2008. A few parties in, we forged a new path, turning the Mister into a one-of-a-kind, grassroots experience. We rent a private party space, set up our own soundsystem and bring in our own friendly team to work the door and the bar – to make it feel like home.

Considering what goes into each party, a hundred feels like a milestone for us. We’re celebrating with two special editions of the Mister – Mister 99 and Mister 100. For tonight’s edition – Mister 99 – we’re settling in at the House of Yes. Jeffrey Ralston, who decorated our most recent New Year’s and Halloween parties, is decking out the space extra special with inflatables and lights.

Musically, we’re looking to the future. Joining residents Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter behind the decks are Anthony Naples and Jay Daniel, two young twenty-somethings already etching their mark into contemporary dance music. Anthony’s Mad Disrespect EP was the first release on our label. Not so coincidentally, Mister Saturday Night was the first party Anthony ever went to. Jay Daniel is a DJ from Detroit. He does a monthly party with Kyle Hall at a place called Motorcity Wine. Anyone who’s heard him play says he’s great, and when people say that about someone from Detroit, we pay attention.

Beers are on us for the first hour of the party, and, as a special thanks to you, we’re keeping the price low. It’s $10 to get in all night long, and there are even a few $5 advance tickets for early birds up above.

Put those celebrating shoes on. It’s going to be a good night.

A Party To Start Things Off

As you may have heard, we’re starting a record label. (In case you haven’t, check here for the info and to hear clips from the first record.)  To celebrate, we’re doing the same thing we do most other Saturday nights – throwing a party. The thing that makes this different than other Mister Saturdays, though, is that we’ll have copies of the record – Anthony Naples’ Mad Disrespect EP – for sale more than two weeks before anyone else can get them. And, just for that night, we’ll be selling them for $5 a pop, which is really cheap. (So just one per person, please.)

Also, young Mister Naples will be playing records for the first couple hours of the party, and then Justin and Eamon will play his record on repeat for the next six hours. Okay, not really.

Everything else is the same as it ever was. House of Yes. Free beer for the first hour. Party jams. Weird party jams. I didn’t ever think of this as a party jam-s. And a really nice soundsystem and a bunch of good people.

As always, we are looking forward to getting down with you.

Mister Saturday Night Celebrates The Beginning Of Our New Label
with Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin
and an early set by Anthony Naples

at House of Yes / 342 Maujer St between Waterbury and Morgan, Brooklyn / Saturday, April 14th / 10p-6a / $10 early bird tickets, $15 after they sell out / you can purchase a ticket here / $10 before midnight with RSVP to / $15 otherwise / map to venue / 21+*

*Although we absolutely love to play host to our all-ages friends, the operators of the space make the rules. When we can, we do it all-ages, but for House of Yes, we’ve gotta keep it twenty-one and over.

The First One Off The Press

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