Duane’s Album of the Week: Pure Phase by Spiritualized

spiritualizedelectricmainlineEvery week of this outdoor Mister Sunday season, the party begins with the airing of an entire album. This week, our special guest, Duane Harriott, is the selector. He’s chosen Pure Phase by Spiritualized. This is what he has to say about it.

2015 marks the twenty-year anniversary of this landmark album’s release. The second album from the band helmed by Jason Pierce (formerly of Spacemen 3) was an incredible Psychedelic rock album that combined the minimalistic modern classical feel of Steve Reich and Phillip Glass with the sonic bombast of Pink Floyd and My Bloody Valentine… but there was also an undercurrent of blues and gospel sensibilities that pervaded throughout. Like the album title suggests, this is a seamless album that washes over you like waves. It was a massive influence on young bands at the time such as Radiohead and Coldplay. It’s one of my favorite rock albums of all time and this OG double LP is gonna sound glorious on that soundsytem. 🙂