Venue Change For Saturday. And, Hey, Whaddaya Know? We’re Getting Down On Sunday Again

It’s another one of those double party weekends. Saturday night Eamon and Justin will be getting down with a very, very special guest, Mister Maurice Fulton, who is one of the best producers and DJs that we know of.

It was going to be our last hurrah at House of Yes, but we’ve now switched venues for the evening to a really lovely loft that we’ve never used before. We can’t tell you where it is, but you can expect windows and a skylight to let in that early morning sunrise, hardwood floors and good vibes. It’s a very nice space. Because the new space is smaller, we’re making this a ticket-only event. You can buy advance tickets here. We will send the address of the party on Saturday at 6pm. Please make sure that is on your safe list so that you receive the location.

Otherwise, we’re doing Sunday again. As we do.