Looking Back on 2012: Eamon Harkin

Mister Saturday Night’s Little White Earbuds Mix

Justin and I put quite a few mixes out into the world in 2012. We made contributions to Resident Advisor, Boiler Room and Rinse FM, and a live recording from Mister 100 proved particularly popular. But it’s our mix from the beginning of the year for Little White Earbuds which we’re especially proud of. Focusing more towards the house and techno end of the Mister musical spectrum the flow and sequence seemed to really click.

Spiritual Jazz

Beyond John and Alice Coltrane, I’d never really explored the world of spiritual jazz, so I dug a little deeper this year.  The Spiritual Jazz compilations on Jazzman Records provided a great range of styles, sources and were the perfect way to delve further. They soundtracked quite a few of opening hours at the party.

David Byrne’s How Music Works

David Byrne puts forth eloquent positions on creativity, business, technology, collaborations, community and live performance in his latest book. Valuable insight and food for thought for anybody trying to create something unique and interesting and make it viable and relevant in today’s music industry.

Fela With Ginger Baker Live

Ginger Baker heads to Nigeria to jam with Fela Kuti. I’m a big Fela fan but I hadn’t come across this record until it was reissued this year. The New York Times also ran an interesting story on Mister Baker around the same time.

Willie Burn’s Duh Duh Dunk

William Burnett aka Speculator aka Willie Burns has been DJing, hosting radio shows, throwing parties and making records for as long as I’ve lived in New York. I first met him when I played the party he threw at the Tribeca Grand with Jacques Renault. His production work has really taken shape in 2012, and this effort for The Trilogy Tapes is his best yet. It’s really great to see a local artist come of age like this.

Lord Nelson’s Shango

Soundway Records re-issued this calypso, funk, boogie hybrid from the 70s. It still hasn’t left my bag.

Eros Vol 3 Track 4

A highlight from the mysterious edit series. This track channels Ron Hardy to the core.

Bluemoon Productions’  Night

I discovered this track on Marcel Dettmann’s Conducted Mix. It’s an amazing 90s deep house track from Gene Hughes, a producer who made a handful of really great records back in the day. This track came out originally in 1990 on his own Code Blue Records.

Morphosis’ – Impulse


Mister Sunday

Mister Sunday felt particularly special this year. The frequency and regularity of a weekly party afforded Justin and me the opportunity to take our back-to-back sets to a new place, whilst the same consistency cemented a strong sense of community each and every Sunday.  It really came together, and it was amazing. (Video courtesy of R. Edwards)