Mr. Mister Sunday: October 14th

Ex-firefighter Joseph Hunt is a tough-to-miss dude.  His 6’9” stature, long curly hair and general swagger make him stand out all the more as a regular at Mister Sunday. Asking him for a quick chat, Joe dropped some knowledge, in a style that was truly his own. We were pretty tempted to post some the audio from our interview, so you could get a taste of his perfect Brooklyn accent, but it’d be better if you just greeted Joe at the next party you see him at. He’s a good guy to talk to. Joe currently manages and tends bar at a pub in Brooklyn called Shenanigans. Here’s a short excerpt from our chat with him.

MSN: What’s your background, Joe?
Joe: Hey – I manage Shenanigans and let me tell you something – as a bartender I watch the crowd. Love and sex are the weird things, because people always do it differently.
MSN: And you said you used to promote parties and stuff like that?
Joe: I’ve been in the scene a long time. This is one of the best parties of all time. Since I was 23 years old, I was managing the floor of the Hall, the Roxy, Envy – you name the nightclub – The J.H., the Fifth Profession – especially in the mid-90’s. I’ve been waitin’ for some good scenes to come to Brooklyn, and this is the best. I make it a point to be here as much as I can. Sometime life intrudes, but if I’m gonna have a good time – on Sunday? – I’m comin’ to Mister Sunday.
MSN: And you’re originally from Brooklyn?
Joe: I was born and raised in Flatbush Avenue. I’m livin’ in Dyker Heights right now.
MSN: How did you get started working in nightlife in general?
Joe: My first night, 19 years old, bouncing at Flatbush Avenue, it was a wedding. Then I was a stockbroker after college, but I didn’t like stockbrokery, because you’re [screwin’] people over the phone. So then a friend who was in the office over there said, “Go into bouncing. You’re big enough, strong enough.” And one of the guys from the stockbrokery, one of the guys from the neighborhood, in the boiler room, he hooked me up with the Melting Pot. Then after the Melting Pot came the Wicked Monk, Wicked Monk came The Hall, The Hall came Roxy, Roxy came Envy and fifty other places – a hundred other places.
MSN: Clearly you’ve seen a lot! Any final words to sum it all up?
Joe: History. I said HISTORY has a role to play in every soul; every soul has a role to play in history. Through time, all old souls will run into each other, and this Sunday has many old souls – so come on it, and run into eachotha. Have a great day.

Photo by Stefany Mohebban