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In addition to throwing parties and running the record label, Justin and Eamon are musicians and producers as well. They have worked with labels such as Wurst, Throne Of Blood and On The Prowl, and with the Subway Series releases, Eamon opted to independently press his own vinyl. Below you’ll find their discography. Click on the links for more information about the releases.

Justin Carter:

Great Weekend EP – Wurst Music

Eamon Harkin:

Rigor Music EP – Throne Of Blood

Shakes On EP – Throne Of Blood

Word To The Wise EP – Throne Of Blood

John Boy/Innit EP – Wurst Music

Subway Series No. 2

Subway Series No. 1

Corinne – “Dream A Little Dream (Harkin & Raney Remix)” – On The Prowl

Neurotic Drum Band – “Robotic Hypnotic Adventure (Harkin & Raney Remix)” – Wurst Music

Populette – “Mommy (Harkin & Raney Remix)” – Throne Of Blood

Photo by Marshall McDonald


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