Oh Yes

The Mister eases into the Fall at a place where we’ve never been before: House of Yes. It’s an intimate space with wood floors (it serves as a dance studio during the day), high ceilings (it also serves as an aerialist studio) and a homey vibe (yes, it serves as a home, too). There are couches and chairs, and of course we’ll be bringing in the big, blue soundsystem to warm things up on the dancefloor.

Justin and Eamon are stretching out all night long for this one, and beers are on the house for the first hour of the party. And if you RSVP to mister@mistersaturdaynight.com and get there before midnight, it’s only $10.

Summer is over and Saturday night is back. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Mister Saturday Night with residents Justin Carter & Eamon Harkin all night long / Saturday October 8th / 10p-6a / $10 in advance at residentadvisor.net/mistersaturdaynight / $10 before midnight with RSVP to mister@mistersaturdaynight.com / $15 otherwise