Here Comes The Story of the Hurricane

August. What a wash. As you probably figured, this weekend’s festivities are no-gos. There’s the hurricane, yes, but there’s no way you could get to us. Now that the MTA is shutting down everything at noon tomorrow AND all the car companies that we’ve called have said that they’re closing up shop, you’d have to walk, and walking in the wind and the rain is a bummer.

The good news, though, is that we’ve already got makeup dates scheduled. Pépé Bradock will play Mister Saturday Night at 12-turn-13 on September 17, and Optimo will join us for a special nighttime party after the final Mister Sunday of the season next Sunday night. We’ll have info about both of those parties soon, but for now, go to the grocery store, and buy some milk and eggs, because when Irene hits, you’re gonna want some breakfast.