Sending Us Your Demo

mister-saturday-night-title If you’d like to send us a demo, here’s the drill:

We’ve started to receive too many demos for us to respond to every one we receive. (We’re a small operation.) We promise that we will listen to your music, and if we like it, have feedback for you or would like to hear more, we will get in touch.

The best way to make sure we give your music the attention it deserves is to email a link to a site where we can stream your music. (Soundcloud is great, but if you use something else, that’s okay with us, too.) If you are sending us Soundcloud streams, please make the tracks are downloadable (preferably in wav or aiff format), in case we want to give your tunes a test drive at the party. Finally, please only send us two tracks. We get overwhelmed when there’s more than that!

This is the email where you can send your demo:

Thanks for sending us the tunes. We can’t wait to listen!