What You Think

Did you come to the party on Saturday? We were psyched about how the night went, but there are a few tweaks we’re thinking of making. Before we do that, though, we want to know your opinion. After all, you make the party happen as much as we do.

How was your experience at the bar? Did you love the space? Think we could do something different? The sound, the crowd, the layout: we want your opinion on everything, whether positive, negative or ambivalent. Leave comments below, or if you prefer to give us a shout directly, drop us a line at ask -at- mistersaturdaynight -dot- com. Thanks!

[photo by Roland Li]

9 thoughts on “What You Think

  1. loved the space. the party was great and you guys rocked. more lighting would be my only critique..

  2. Beautiful venue even though its a little cavernous. Maybe you guys could do something like hang fabric to make the space feel a little smaller? Super fun party all the same. Cant wait for the next one!!!!!

  3. Space was fantastic. Bar service was great. Having some Johnnie Walker at the bar would be awesome, but no complaints otherwise.

  4. Hey Court, we're quite partial to a good whiskey ourselves so we'll definitely take your feedback onboard. Thanks a lot!

  5. What a find! Had tons of fun on the dance floor and the outdoor patio was a real treat. I agree with bdohene – maybe there's an interesting way to use lighting to make the indoor space feel cozier. Though I'll admit it was nice to have a little bit of room to run around!

  6. Great Space! Loved the entry alley and loved the terrace. if only it was still warmer out! The bathroom situation was fab, too. Other than getting the MTA to sort out the L train, i think you're off to a great start. Looking forward to many more!

  7. ahh, i second the request for johnnie walker! red label is cheap enough. reminds me of the house-n-home parties! Besides that, the space was great. spacious but cozy, and only a 10 minute walk from my apartment…perfect.

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