Back Outdoors

After a wonderful return to the loft last weekend, the Mister heads back outdoors this Saturday to our favorite Bushwick Courtyard at Brooklyn Fire Proof.

On this occasion we’ve got a rising star playing a special live set with real analogue gear. Tevo Howard is one of a very few Chicago artists (here’s another) pushing forward with a house sound that is true to the roots of the original sounds which emanated from the Windy City back in the mid-80s. His recent Resident Advisor podcast which you can download here is a beautiful piece of work and highly recommended listening ahead of this week’s jam.

Eamon will be handling resident duties for the night either side of Tevo’s live set whilst Mister Carter enjoys his honeymoon in exotic climes! Great beer and tacos are, of course, on the menu once again, and the weather’s shaping up quite nicely, though should we get a shower there’s a new retractable awning for the entire dance floor. Mister Saturday Night’s got you covered.

See you this weekend.