We’ve got something special up our sleeves for this weekend. Every Mister Saturday Night is planned with the utmost care, of course, but this one is especially so. We’re moving the soundsystem into an intimate, homey loft in Brooklyn, a neighborhoody place where there are bouncy wood floors made for dancing, quiet nooks where you can hide and nice couches and chairs where you can hang. You can bring your own drinks if you’d like, or if you’d rather not think about that, we’ll have a full bar stocked–whatever your pleasure.

Eamon and Justin will be playing together the entire night, as Danny Wang’s been stranded under the volcano cloud in Europe, so it’s no guests, just the two residents stretching out for at least six hours…

The place where it’s happening is a secret, and you’ll have to RSVP to to find out the details. Feel free to pass the info on to friends, but please be discreet. This place is special, and we want to keep it that way.

We can’t wait to spend the night with you.

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